Being an energy producers results in increased savings and security for the long run. You no longer have to worry about energy shortages and sky-high prices.

Going Solar is the Most Logical Solution to our Problem

Jose Radzinsky | Renewable Power Solutions Inc.

Going Solar is the Most Logical Solution to our Problem
Being an energy producers results in increased savings and security for the long run. You no longer have to worry about energy shortages and sky-high prices.
Going Solar
Jose Radzinsky, Renewable Power Solutions Inc.

It's becoming more and more expensive for public utilities to produce electricity. Rates are higher than they've ever been, and there is no indication that they'll start to fall. Oil prices are at an all time high, and they're going to get higher as the world oil supply runs low. Only the energy from the sun can provide a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative source of energy. Solar power has reached a new level of efficiency and reliability. With no maintenance and a life expectancy of upward of 40 years, solar electric power is the solution to the growing energy crisis.

So is there any other reason to go solar?

Some of the advantages of a residential or commercial Power Solutions solar electric system include:

1. A rebate from the California Energy Commission of $2.60 per watt of solar electric production.

2. Solar customers can receive up to $2000 (up to 30% for commercial property) from the federal government's new energy bill.

3. Residential or commercial property values will increase by the full purchase price of the solar electric system (increase is not subject to property taxes).

4. Zeroed-out electricity bills.

5. A 5 kilowatt solar electric system will result in the reduction of over 144 tons of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases. That's the equivalent of 288,000 auto miles.

Case study:

Residential family in San Jose CA, 2 adults and two teenagers.
Monthly electrical bill from PG&E average $400.00 per month.

Install 34 Sharp NT 180U1 panel on composition roof facing SW.
Install 2 Xantrex GT 3.3 NA-DS-240
Change electrical rate to Time of Use Meter.
Re-program pool pump to run for 5 hours during of peak time.
Replace security lighting with low voltage lighting.

Total system cost with installation, tax and permits $50,490.00
Rebate from California Energy Commission $ 13,282.54
Federal Tax Credit $2000.00
Years to break even using current energy rates 7 years 3 months and 3 days.

Bottom Line:
The electricity bill was reduce to zero with a monthly charge of $5.70 for the use of the utility lines to send and received electricity.

For a large percentage of the population, investing $35,000.00 on a solar electric system is a lot of money. For some this is not an issue. Why? We as consumers don't think twice about spending $30k to $60k on a car or a boat, the question is: How much does a car depreciate as soon as it is driven off the lot? What would be the benefits of spending that money on a solar electric system? The fact is that no matter how much the cost of electricity increases your bill will never go up. Your return on your investment will show the first month you get your statement from your electrical company. And it is an investment that will keep paying off even after 25 years. Renewable energy is the most effective way to combat the power crisis and the most affordable solution for the average American.

Power Solutions has been helping customers attain energy independence by providing designs and system sizing that zero out present and future electrical bills. For those customers, the burden of being energy consumers has been lifted. As energy producers they are now part of the solution.

Power Solutions is a customer service oriented company. Personal service, reliability and a large stock of solar panels makes Power Solutions the premier distributor and installer of solar electric systems in the Bay Area.

Morgan Hill resident Mr. Ball said this of Power Solutions: "In March 2004 Power Solutions installed a 5Kw system. The solutions took our monthly bill from $200 per month to $5 per month. The system also adds well to the value of the house. In line with the level of knowledge the installation went smoothly. In short it was a pleasure to work with Power Solutions."

San Jose resident Mr. Nguyen said "After getting quotes from 5 different companies, Power Solutions was the only company that did not make me feel like I was at a car dealership. I received professional service at a reasonable price without feeling like I was being pressured to buy their product.

As these customers already know, being energy producers' results in increased savings and security for the long run. They no longer have to worry about energy shortages and sky-high prices. Power Solutions has helped them to be part of the solution.


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