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Fresh Outlook On Fresh Air

Reba Daniel and Gerald Whipple | Solar Unlimited, Inc

Fresh Outlook on Fresh Air by Re

by Reba Daniel and Gerald Whipple, Solar Unlimited, Inc.


Air quality has become a growing concern for both residential homeowners and those who spend a great deal of time in public buildings (like school children, teachers, medical care providers, etc.).  Experts are looking for ways to mitigate the effects of pollutants such as pollen and mold in areas where groups gather, or where people have respiratory health issues. 

One cost effective and energy friendly method of providing fresh air in these venues is a solar, fresh air, heating and ventilation system called Solarwall® - a solar collector that is made of a metal cladding which is mounted to a structure's outer wall or roof, that absorbs heat from the sun.  A fan then draws the pre-heated, fresh air through tiny slits in the metal panel and forces it into the home upon which the system is mounted.  The cladding is available in a range of colors, and the framing kit has similar color schemes that will complement the colors used in most homes.


Residential Solarwall® kits, which are manufactured by Solar Unlimited, Inc. and are relatively easy to install, include everything necessary for installation on new construction, or retrofit situations.  In addition, the Solarwall® system has been extensively tested and monitored by the United States and Canadian governments, and has the backing of the United States Department of Energy.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air quality in homes has been shown to be up to five times worse than the polluted air in large cities.  Solarwall is an effective way to greatly increase the volume of fresh air in a home, alleviating this problem, while simultaneously heating the air it draws in. 
The Department of Energy has proven that 30 degrees farenheit air can be heated up to 80 degrees farenheit by Solarwall®.  Ultimately, heating costs can be reduced 20% to 50% in addition to available tax credits.  In fact, the patented Solarwall® fresh air heater is so efficient and cost effective that the United States Department of Energy's invention program rated the Solarwall® heater in the top two percent of energy savings inventions.


In short, some of the benefits to residential homeowners who utilize Solarwall® kits include lower heating bills, 30 + year system life expectancy, non polluting, tax credits, a source of fresh air that improves indoor air quality and can provide cool fresh air at night during warm weather months.  Solarwall ® is a product made from 100% recycled materials.


Do-it-yourself instructions for installing the residential Solarwall® kit can be found on the Solar Unlimited, Inc. website at, and technical support is available at the Solar Unlimited, Inc. offices at 866-SOLAR99.  For information on this system's application on a commercial level, contact Solar Unlimited, Inc. at 435/867-9876.




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