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Alternative Transportation - Vehicles

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4 Reasons Your Next Vehicle Will Be Solar Powered Michael Chance Solar Energy USA

Aug 2013

Advancements in battery technology and recharging capabilities will drive adoption. Since the beginning of 2013 we have not only seen fast-charging stations that rapidly refill a battery but also wireless recharging capabilities and battery swap techniques.
Using Alternative Energy for International Rescue Operations Ray Thackeray International Rescue Group

Dec 2012

International Rescue Group installed two of OutBack Power’s FLEXmax 80 charge controllers on board the Thunderbird 2. In combination with a 1.5 kilowatt array of BenQ solar panels and large bank of L16 batteries, OutBack’s charge controllers make International Rescue Group’s flagship boat a model for the rest of the fleet.
EcoCAR 2 Teams Spread the Word on Alternative Energy Kimberly DeClark Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions, Argonne National Laboratory

Jun 2012

When many college students were heading to the beach for Spring Break, the Mississippi State University EcoCAR 2 team was at the Gulf Coast Children’s Fair in Biloxi, Mississippi. The two-day environmental event organized by the Gulf Regional Planning Commission and the EPA gave MSU students a chance to talk to local elementary students about pollution and the benefits of keeping the air clean.
Alternative Fueled Vehicles at the North American International Auto Show Bill Dickens

Feb 2012

Despite all the glamor, the real winner, the game changer, the quantum leaper, the watershed moment was here at the Autoshow and the Mainstream Automotive Writer's completely missed it.
The ESD (Engineering Society of Detroit) Ride and Drive of the Chevy Volt Bill Dickens

Jun 2011

GM invited members of the Engineering Society of Detroit out to the Proving Gounds in Milford for test drives. There were 11 Volts and they paired us up for a test drive out into Milford and down to Lake Kensington and out on to I 96 for a few miles and then circled back to the Proving grounds. Everyone was excited by their drive and we were told that virtually every one on the development team had their order in on the new vehicle. It is being built in the Hamtramck/Detroit Cadillac Plant that Coleman Young fought for and the lithium ion Battery Packs are being built in a new Brownstown plant nearby.
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Infrastructures USA 2011 Event Report by John Kalb Cymru Electric

Jun 2011

One of the key takeaways from the event was that a lot of consumer education is required to continue the momentum of early adopters and to help cross over to a more mainstream market mid-century. EV ownership will require increased awareness about energy, not power, a new vehicle power train, batteries and conversion from miles per gallon to miles per kWt hour.
Australian Students Break Solar-Powered Land Vehicle Speed Record Contributed by Boots On The Roof

Feb 2011

According to the company’s stats, the Sunswift IV produces about 1200 watts – the same power it takes to run a toaster.
The Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize Competition Lewis M. Dickens III

Dec 2010

The intention and purpose of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize could actually not be higher… to simply see who could produce a vehicle that could achieve a 100mpg rating without cluttering up the atmosphere with noxious gasses.
The Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize - Competiton Overview and Results Bill Dickens

Aug 2010

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize is a huge undertaking involving Establishing a venue, staffing, training, developing tests, setting up Consumers Reports Certifications, and taking over the Michigan International Speedway in the outback, near a small town named Brooklyn in our fair State of Michigan.
AltEnergyMag Interview - 3 Leading EcoCAR Challenge Teams Team Reps from Mississippi State University, Virginia Tech and Pennsylvania State University.

Aug 2010

We got the opportunity to interview the three leading teams in the EcoCAR Challenge namely Mississippi State University, Virginia Tech and Pennsylvania State University. These are the future leaders in the alternative energy transportation industry and it shows in their enthusiasm.
The Automotive X PRIZE Competition, Stage Two Completed Bill Dickens

Jun 2010

The Competition may be a far more important Competition than realized. The goal is to beat 100 MPGe and provide beautiful, affordable transportation. That means the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon (gasoline) equivalent. This is done to level the playing field regardless of the fuel being used by the vehicle. Hence the vehicle can be powered by battery stored electricity and the energy usage can be measure equivalently with traditional gasoline.
EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge Anne Norris EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge

Jun 2010

EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge is a three-year collegiate student engineering competition that focuses on vehicle integration of advanced propulsion technologies. The competition challenges 16 universities across North America to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles by minimizing the vehicle’s fuel consumption, petroleum use and emissions, while maintaining its utility, safety and performance.
Single Seat Volkswagen General Interest

Aug 2009

You can go to Shanghai for a vacation, buy two or more of these cars, one for your wife and one for yourself, and one for each of your kids, have them shipped home and still spend less money than if you bought a car at home.
The Santa Monica Alternative Energy and Transport Expo Nathaniel Page

Dec 2007

By far the most popular items among the technology-dazzled laymen were the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Among the cars on display were a number of first-generation Honda FCX hatchbacks, which had attracted a crowd clamoring for rides.
Electric Vehicle Conversion Mark E. Hazen

Dec 2007

Large numbers of people are discovering that, with some effort and a little money, a clean, reliable beast of transportation can emerge from ones own garage. Generally referred to as EVs (electric vehicles), these self-made conversions offer low cost of operation and low cost of ownership - a winning combination.
The Air Car Moteur Development International Moteur Development International

Aug 2007

At the moment, four models have been made: a car, a taxi (5 passengers), a Pick-Up truck and a van. The final selling price will be approximately 5.500 pounds.

Aug 2007

A second generation of Personal Vehicles is being created with performance and range similar to its ancestors, while meeting the priorities of a society re-defining the meaning of community.
KiteBoating in Hawaii Dan Tracy Kite For Sail LLC

Aug 2007

The potential kite power vessels will have many applications for fishing, powering ferryboats, and barges, to providing emergency power to motorboats. The sky is the limit for the future of kiteboating; the ocean is waiting.
INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD J. KASPER OF GEM Richard J. Kasper Global Electric Motorcars, LLC (GEM)

Aug 2007

Today, over 40 of the 50 United States have enacted laws that allow for NEVs to be driven on city streets. As the awareness of NEVs becomes more widespread, and the benefits of owning them and driving them realized, we see significant market potential in the future.
From the Earth to the Moon: Cash or Charge James Russo

Aug 2007

If successful, the SS2 and the WK2 could pave the way for a much larger craft that could ferry several hundred passengers into low orbital space and the land in another country or continent without the need for expensive jet fuel.
Electric Bikes and Large E-scooters Andy Reich Falconev

Aug 2007

E-machines have no more maintenance than a bicycle. They are simple, efficient, safe and fun to ride
A Bad Boy with a Good Side Lisa Price

Aug 2007

It wasn't long before they expanded uses for their favorite new toy, attaching farm equipment to the buggy's hitch (also standard) and using it to mow, till and plant fields. They used its auxiliary power point to run power tools in the woods.
Taking the Green Route with Fuel Cell Buses Lisa Callaghan

Apr 2007

Fuel cell buses appear destined to be a major part of transit fleets, reducing petroleum dependence and providing a truly zero emission mobility option.
What's ahead for neighborhood electric vehicles? Global Electric Motorcars, LLC Global Electric Motorcars, LLC

Oct 2006

The cost of ownership is one-third and the fuel efficiency is eight times greater when compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts.
Transportation for a Clean Planet Maxwell Technologies Maxwell Technologies

Oct 2006

Since successful testing in 2003, ISE has incorporated ultracapacitors into its gasoline, diesel and fuel-cell hybrid electric vehicles with extraordinary results.
Tesla Roadster - Electric Supercar David Cutter Village Energy

Aug 2006

The gas-free Tesla Roadster boasts a top speed of more than 130 mph and a range of 250 miles per single charge. Its extended range is due to the state- of-the-art lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS). Rocket Ride to the Future
H2 Truck Demonstrates Practical Use of Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicles Fuel Cell Markets H2 Logic

Aug 2006

The H2 Truck is a small vehicle used in many different operation fields including luggage hauling, small commercial vehicles, hospitals and ports.
Callisto - A Tres Terra Human Hybrid eBike of Distinction Dave Cutter Village Energy

Jun 2006

You'll soon discover that beating cars and motorcycles off the line from a dead stop is both exciting and a surprising delight, but be careful!
The Need For Electric Vehicles Now! Seth Leitman Electric Transportation Solutions

Feb 2006

There are so many television shows showing people tricking out their cars, adding better engines or doing just anything to make it go fast and be safe. Conversions of an electric vehicle do that and more. They allow the next generation to have a safer world without relying on foreign sources of oil while giving our kids really clean and cool cars to drive.
Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle Powered With ECD Ovonics

Dec 2005

The hybrid vehicle modified by ECD Ovonics has a driving range of nearly 200 miles and requires about 8 minutes for refueling using a filling pressure of 1500 psi. A practical first step on the road to a hydrogen-fueled future
A New Generation Hybrid Transaxle for Toyota's Power Hybrids Rich Cregar NAFTC

Oct 2005

Toyota engineers sought to improve performance and fuel economy over the Prius unit while reducing noise and maintaining a compact size. The result is a second generation hybrid drive system centered around a greatly improved hybrid transaxle.
New Applications for EVs Davis Bookhart representing Clean

Aug 2005

A “low speed electric mobile advertising system,” whereby utility bed GEM vehicles are outfitted with illuminated billboards.
Coming In Out Of the Cold: Hybrids Put To The Test Jennifer Lee Reporting for and

Aug 2004

Some of the questions we have for hybrid technology are now dependability in cold weather starting, reliability in highway driving standards, added to these ever so alluring fuel cost savings.
Electric Drag Racing At Brigham Young University Perry Carter, Jeffrey Baxter, Tom Erekson

Apr 2004

The car's best elapsed time at the Rocky Mountain raceway was 15.774 seconds. The car accelerated to 69.57 miles per hour in the first 1/8th of a mile and finished the 1/4 mile race at 77.47 miles per hour.
Zinc Air and Nickel Zinc Hybrid Vehicle eVionyx eVionyx

Feb 2004

The idea of metal fuels as an energy source has existed for over 100 years. Many companies have attempted to develop and commercialize zinc air fuel cells and nickel zinc batteries but were unable to solve the problem of dendrite formation.
Advantages Of Electric Cars And Plug-In Electric-Biodiesel Cars Gavin Young Electric Automobile Alliance

Feb 2004

If the vehicle is a Grid Rechargeable (plug-in) capable hybrid electric-biodiesel (or diesel or gasoline) automobile, the car has all of electric automobile advantages for short trips plus the range & fast refueling advantages of internal combustion engine automobiles!
Advantages Of Electric Cars And Plug-In Electric-Biodiesel Cars Gavin Young Electric Automobile Alliance

Aug 2003

If the vehicle is a Grid Rechargeable (plug-in) capable hybrid electric-biodiesel (or diesel or gasoline) automobile, the car has all of electric automobile advantages for short trips plus the range & fast refueling advantages of internal combustion engine automobiles!

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