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Intersolar North America 2014 - Special News Report Prepared by AltEnergyMag

Jun 2014

News announcements from show. Open for exhibitors - publish your news here.
California Dreamin’ Makes Hydrogen Future a Reality Robert Rose and Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Apr 2014

Until the throughput at these stations increases with automakers rollout of their FCEVs in larger amounts, the state’s subsidies and funding support are crucial and have helped make California an example to the world on how to move forward towards a cleaner transportation future.
Unorthodox Forms of Alternative Energy Len Calderone for AltEnergyMag

Jun 2014

Not all of these technologies will make it out of the concept stage, and many are decades away from becoming practical. What may seem weird today might just be a reality in the future.
The Benefits of Converting Waste Heat to Power Len Calderone for AltEnergyMag

Apr 2014

Waste heat to electricity uses less fuel to produce a given energy output, and avoids transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travels over power lines. It also decreases the impact of outages when the power grid goes down.
Custodians Can Help Energy Companies Market Alternative Investments To Self-Directed IRA Investors John Johnson GoldStar Trust Company

Apr 2014

Not all custodians will accept IRAs that invest in alternatives but there are many that have specifically developed the expertise to serve this market.
Vertical-axis, Magnetically Levitated AND Magnetically Powered Wind Turbine Technology Christopher Griffin Regenedyne LLC

Aug 2014

Regenedyne has invented a magnetic levitation system, that when combined with the advanced aeronautics, eliminates the wobble issue and allows for a smooth, near frictionless, rotation.
EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Challenges Ahead for Sources and States Chris MacCracken, Steven Fine, Phil Mihlmester, David Pickles and Ankit Saraf ICF INTERNATIONAL

Jun 2014

In this paper, we discuss the critical issues that sources and states face in evaluating EPA’s proposal and developing plans to meet the Clean Power Plan requirements.
Powering NASA’S Off-grid Operations Contributed by Planetary Power

Jun 2014

Planetary Power’s HyGen is a complete reinvention of the diesel generator that combines innovations in renewable energy, battery storage and engine efficiency for a robust power generation platform.
1500 volt vs. 1000 volt system with distributed electronics: Which lowers system cost more? Mark Kanjorski Ampt

Dec 2014

This discussion poses the important question, “What are the considerations and tradeoffs of both designs – 1500 volt vs 1000 volt with distributed electronics – and which should you choose?”
Developing Renewable Energy Projects on Brownfields: Mitigating Environmental Risks & Liabilities Jon Benjamin and Mathew Swain Farella Braun + Martel’s Environmental Law Department

Apr 2014

Although the environmental risks and liabilities associated with brownfields generally diminishes their viability as locations for such facilities, these risks and liabilities can often be sufficiently controlled and minimized through governmental and private party tools to make certain projects worth pursuing.

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