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Power on Demand Douglas Elbinger

Dec 2013

Designed for the Battlefield …Indispensable on the Construction Site
Using Elastomeric Roof Coatings to Resolve Existing Roof Systems & Solar PV Life Cycle Disparities Michael Gumm SolarPower Restoration Systems Inc.

Jun 2013

Installing a white reflective “Cool Roof” coating is an inexpensive solution to extend the existing roof service life and synchronize the roof with the solar array service life.
The Word is “More” for Fuel Cell Buses Sandra Curtin and Maura Welch for Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2013

So far 2013 has been an exciting year for fuel cell buses, with a host of news reports from the U.S. and abroad.
Solar Power International 2013 News Report Prepared by AltEnergyMag

Oct 2013

News and Announcements from SPI13. Exhibitors are welcome to publish their company news here.
63D RSC Lessons Learned in Energy Efficiency Colonel Stewart R. Fearon 63rd Region Support Command, US Army Reserve

Aug 2013

By reducing energy consumption through the use of geothermal and solar water heaters while generating energy from renewable sources, the 63D RSC is positioning itself to meet the three percent annually energy reduction goal while creating renewable energy generation projects for the Army Reserve.
Cleaning Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere Len Calderone for AltEnergyMag

Jun 2013

All though there could be huge advantages to directly extracting carbon dioxide from our atmosphere instead of from its source, there has been very little R&D funding to explore and make it a reality. By beginning the process of recycling CO2, America would be building the technology now for a sustainable hydrocarbon future.
How to Make the Most of Your Pellet Stove Investment Contributed by American Energy Systems

Jun 2013

Typical savings are in excess of 60 percent. However, if you even reach a 15-30 percent return on your investment, you’re going to save money.
IBM’s Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecaster Rolf Gibbels IBM Energy & Utilities

Aug 2013

The Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting (HyREF) solution combines big data analytics and weather modeling technology to accurately forecast the availability of wind power and solar energy.
Biomass turns Devon farmer's £1,000-a-month bills into £900-a-month income Contributed by SunGift Solar

Jun 2013

Alpaca Farm with five star holiday cottage reaps rewards of Renewable Heat Incentive and boosts green credentials
Solar Industry Needs to Accelerate Growth to Impact Climate Change Peter Lynch Sun Series

Jun 2013

We need to do what has been done many times before in human history at key tipping points – embrace change and do what must be done – move strongly toward a renewable and sustainable energy future. It is, in my opinion, the fastest, best and the cheapest way to get there.

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