- Creating Industry's First "Universal" Inverter -

Calgary, Alberta April 27, 2005 - Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd (TSXV: STG), a leading developer of advanced power electronics for global alternative and renewable energy industries, announced today that it has delivered the first of its next generation inverter platforms for stationary fuel cell applications.

The new inverter platform has a peak 'stack to grid' electrical conversion efficiency of over 94% - the highest in the industry.

"Unlike most inverter designs, Sustainable Energy's fuel cell inverter efficiencies actually increase as the fuel cell stack voltage drops," said Brent Harris, Director of Technology Development for the Company. "The ability to achieve high efficiencies at lower voltages is a critical design condition for the industry, as the fuel cell stack voltage decreases with increasing power output. For these reasons, we believe our efficiency profile is an ideal match for the output characteristics of most fuel cell stacks."

Power inverters are an essential part of the infrastructure for the stationary fuel cell industry, converting the direct current output of fuel cell stacks into high quality alternating current needed by electrical devices. Sustainable Energy's patented design offers a new approach to power conversion, enabling a single step conversion from low voltage dc power to grid standard ac voltage with minimal loss of energy, and active bi-directional control over the fuel cell current.
"What is also especially exciting for us," added Harris, "is that we are now using the same power electronics, controls software, and transformer design for both solar PV and fuel cell applications. This is a very significant milestone in our quest to deliver, what we believe will be, the industry's first "universal" inverter - an inverter which uses the same power electronics for all distributed generation and storage technologies."

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd ( develops, manufactures and markets advanced power electronics products for alternative and renewable energy generation and storage technologies.

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For further information please contact:
Michael Carten
President and CEO
Phone: 403.508.6990

Phil Winters
Marketing and Investor Relations
Phone: 416-830-6668

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