Integrated Manufacturing-Assembly Plant Lands in Barstow, CA USA

First ever plant, in synergy, at one location, powered, heated and cooled by own utility-scale solar-thermal electric, multi-fuel merchant power plant.

For Immediate Release - Las Vegas--Barstow, CA, Mojave Desert -- Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. (ESE) and Solar MW Energy Inc. (SME), -- the designers and developers of utility-scale solar thermal electric multi-fuel power plants and power transmission grids with mini-stations for battery charging, announced today that has commenced the development of an integrated manufacturing-assembly plant in Barstow area, California, USA.

The 550 feet long plant is to be uniquely sited on the same privately owned "L"-shaped site by ESE, where the utility-scale, 160 megawatts, solar-thermal electric with 3-MS storage tanks, integrated multi-fuel power generating plant is to be developed by ESE and SME.

This plant, which is utilizing the electric power generated from the solar-thermal electric multi-fuel power plant, is strategically located on Lenwood Road, Barstow area, California's Mojave Desert, aimed to foster 4-way distribution of manufactured and assembled power plant and transmission grid components.

The 4-way strategic location includes access within 1 mile to Highway 58, fostering distribution to the Southern California Mojave Desert's locations, to Interstate 15, fostering distribution to Nevada's locations, to Interstate 40, fostering delivery to Arizona's locations and within 1 mile to Barstow's area major railroad's distribution center.

Half of this manufacturing-assembly plant's area is for assembly of the pre-manufactured modular solar field components, aimed to assist the construction of solar fields for the least cost and time. The other half of the plant is for the manufacturing-assembly of the electric power transmission grid's components, termed as the "Palm Tree Grid" and the "Palm Oasis" mini-stations, which are to foster battery charging for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, soon to be in millions, on US highways and roads.

The ultimate comfort for the workers, at this unique manufacturing-assembly plant, is to be achieved by utilizing the hot steam which leaves the steam turbines, before enters the cooling towers, for heating radiators during cold weather and excess peak power generated by the solar field, to run cooling systems during hot weather, at this scorching heat location of the Mojave Desert.

Solar field components, such as the twin parabolic mirrors (CSP' parabolic troughs) and the twin parabolic tubes (CSP' parabolic receivers) which are to be assembled at this plant, can reach production fostering over 1,000 megawatt of solar fields per year.

The Palm Tree Grid and the Palm Oasis' components, to be manufactured and assembled at this plant, can reach production to foster over 1,500 miles of power transmission grids and for over 6,000 mini-station per year, for battery charging of these electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

About ESE and SME
Ecosystem company's name is redefined from its original namesake and is an affiliate of SME, which entity is a "micron" in the fashion of a jewel in the vastness of the Southern Californian Mojave Desert, founded for the equal benefit and protection of the earth's ecosystem and the human race.
SME, as a D&O, is also a Green Attributes generator for the IOUs and the Nation and within that context, a realistic balancing of ecological and economic objectives. Solar MW Energy name, with emphasis on MW (megawatts), implies that SME is a developer of utility scale electric power plants in megawatts capacity, a merchant electric power generation with a central station facility.

To learn more about ESE and SME, visit Public Relations Officer Tel 909-263-2868

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