Recovered Energy Generation Technology ["Plumes Turbine-Generator"] Legal Debuts

Barstow, Southern California Mojave Desert / April 17, 2008 /For Immediate Release [Re-Publishing Authorized]

Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. (ESE) [ECOSY], today announced that the MOU with Solar MW Energy Inc. incorporates NOI to retain the law firm HESLIN ROTHENBERG FARLEY & MESITI P.C. [ ] in event of infringement. "Heslin Rothernberg Farley & Mesiti, P.C. is devoted exclusively to helping clients protect and capitalize on their intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets and copyrights and when necessary, defend and enforce rights through litigation".

Since many proprietary prototype designs are virtually borne in the garage of "brain child" design inventor, authored in secrecy, vulnerable to infringement by conglomerates, there is a need for vigorous representation.

Although, the concept, the idea and the description in narrative may have fallen in the Public Domain, the original proprietary and prototype copyrighted design of the design inventors from ECOSY, as authored, have not.

ECOSY's designers has also invented certain proprietary prototype design, aimed to utilized free fuel from other, off-the-shelf electric power generating components, termed as the "Plumes Turbine-Generator", thus such recovered energy generation technology contribute substantial GHG's reduction, which feed on otherwise discarded fuel.

In summary, the exhaust buoyant plumes from reciprocating engines, traveling in exhaust ducts, at the speed of up to 66 feet per second are utilized by certain integrated, in synergy system, which operates a modified wind motor-turbine-generator.

Such electric power generating component can virtually produce, same as the reciprocating engines megawatt-hours, "base load" as well as "super-peak load", when most needed, thus not only alleviates the use of large size pristine and fragile land parcels in the Southern California Mojave Desert by intermittent electric power generating wind turbines, have no GHG impact, as well as can substantially reduce the development costs, fostering economic benefits not only to the ratepayers, but to the owner-operator of such additional power generating component, at virtually near-zero, or at insignificant O&M cost.

About ECOSY Technologies (Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. (ESE)

Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. (ESE) is a design firm based in two States, strictly engaged in the invention of designs for both, green energy, such as substantially improved-modified solar-thermal electric (twin parabolic trough and twin receiver's CSP technology) with ionic fluid HTF storage components and recovered energy generation technology, such as the "Plumes Turbine-Generator".

ECOSY designers also holds the exclusive worldwide license of the proprietary prototype design for "Power Block Below Ground" and "Underground Concrete Storage Tanks", which alleviates myriads of cumulative impacts, thus in compliance with the California Energy Commission's rules in licensing of electric power generating facilities.

About Solar MW Energy Inc. (SME)

SME is a developer of solar-thermal electric with storage integrated in synergy power generating facilities in the Southern California Mojave Desert, utilizing these electric power generating technologies by holding the exclusive worldwide user's license to implement the development of such facilities, at cost almost identical to heavy fossil fuel power plant's development.
CONTACT: Nick Panchev, CEO Ecosystem Solar Electric Corp. (ESE) [ECOSY]
Direct 909-263-2868

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