Pro PassiveHaus founded

The passive house is set to become a hands-on experience

The passive house is set to become a hands-on experience

On Tuesday June 6th, 2008 in Stuttgart, the new initiative Pro PassivHaus was founded. The members of this initiative include notable manufacturers and industry leaders such as AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, the international architect organization ARCHITOS®, drexel und weiss Deutschland GmbH, Finnforest Merk GmbH, Hottgenroth Software GmbH & Co. KG, ISOQUICK GmbH & Co. KG, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, LTM GmbH, REECO GmbH and Sebastian Wochner GmbH & Co. KG.

The goal of this initiative is to introduce and present practical passive house solutions. Pro Passivhaus offers comprehensive information and valuable decision making assistance for the construction of a passive house with a comfortable living atmosphere. Johannes Ranzmeyer, product manager at Finnforest Merk GmbH notes, "Many people associate a passive house with a block with no windows that can be opened. That is of course nonsense. A passive house has many facets we would like to display."

The initiator of the Pro PassivHaus initiative and general manager of ISOQUICK GmbH & Co. KG Peter Schröder comments, "I am excited to have so many strong companies in our network. With our partners, we can improve the standing and awareness of the passive house in Germany. I am looking forward to the future!"

The public will be introduced to Pro PassiveHaus for the first time as part of the CEP® CLEAN ENERGY POWER with the motto "Passive House Experience" from January 29th-31st, 2008 in the New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart. On over 2,500 m˛, exhibitors from all areas surrounding the passive house will present their products, solutions and services. The heart of the passive house section will be the PassivHaus Café with a presentation forum and a model PassivHaus display, coordinated by the architect group ARCHITOS®. In this PassivHaus model, visitors will be able to experience how it is to live in a passive house and experience the advantages up close and personal.

The trade fair coordinator REECO GmbH is proud of this welcomed addition. "The topic of passive houses has always been very important to us. I am proud that we are among the founding members and that Pro PassivHaus will celebrate its premiere at our trade fair", coments Bayer Teixeira, project leader of the CEP®.

The plans for the first presentation are in full swing. The next meeting of the Pro PassivHaus members is in four weeks. Further information will be available online soon at and

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