Direct Grid Unveils New Solar Micro‐Inverter Products

Direct Grid Technologies, LLC, unveiled two new solar micro‐inverter products for residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) applications this week at the Solar Power International conference.

Direct Grid Unveils New Solar Micro‐Inverter Products for Global Residential/Commercial PV Applications:

State‐of‐the‐Art, Scalable Solutions

Anaheim, California - October 29, 2009. Direct Grid Technologies, LLC, unveiled two new solar
micro‐inverter products for residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) applications, the
company announced this week at the Solar Power International conference.

"Our initial products feature the OEM and SMART DGA Series micro‐inverters for thin‐film PV
manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers interested in offering turnkey systems,"
said Frank Cooper, president of Direct Grid Technologies, Edgewood, New York. "Our innovative
closed loop MOSFET planar micro‐inverter design ‐‐ which is patent pending ‐‐ offers an
unprecedented 360 watts of power. Our products have a low packaging profile for direct rear‐PV
panel mounting and low thermal emission that produce significantly less heat than other microinverters
on the market. These design features equate to reduced component stress and result
in highly reliable and efficient micro‐inverters."

The OEM 200 and 300 DGA Series consist of a stand‐alone unit that incorporates state‐of‐theart
technology and inverts PV DC voltage to AC, enabling a maximum of 240‐ or 360‐watt power
generation for direct grid‐tied applications. Additional features include self‐tuning maximum
power point tracking (MPPT), auto‐frequency detect and sync, and anti‐islanding safeguards in
the event of power outages or emergencies.

The SMART 200 and 300 DGA Series incorporate additional Echelon communication
functionality to enable theft deterrence and remote PV monitoring via a separate access node
gateway module and web‐based user interface.

"Direct Grid's products are intuitive, offering simple direct panel mounting, color‐coded parallel
wiring and easy‐join Multi‐Contact connectors. For end‐users, our micro‐inverter solutions offer
scalable freedom, allowing customers the ability to choose how many panels they wish to
deploy. It makes a solar solution more affordable for people who want to be more green," said

Direct Grid will manufacture both the OEM and SMART series from its new Edgewood
headquarters. The company anticipates first product shipments to occur in the fourth quarter

Direct Grid Technologies, a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Island Technology, designs and
manufactures innovative, cost effective residential and commercial solutions for the smart
grid and photovoltaic micro‐inverter markets. More information at

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Featured Product

WS510 Secondary Standard

WS510 Secondary Standard

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