Attention to Detail Determines Success for Powerway's Professional PV Mounting System Design

Powerway's solar mounting solutions are designed with safety and reliability as the top priority.

People might think a PV mounting system is just an inexpensive metal rack used to support and fasten a PV module. Nothing could be further from the truth. Powerway's mounting system designers understand investors need their power plants to generate optimal power for 30, even 40 years with no inconvenient shut downs. That's why our solar mounting solutions are designed with safety and reliability as the top priority.

All of Powerway's solar mounting products have passed not only rigorous computer simulation tests, but also actual mechanical tests. These tough climatic challenges include material tensile testing as well as yield tests, elongation, wind and snow load testing, earthquake simulations, anti-corrosion examinations, etc. The Powerway PV mounting system is built to safeguard a power plant's reliability so clean power generation is guaranteed for decades.

Powerway's mounting designs are renowned in the PV industry whether for covering metal sheet roofing, self-ballasted, pitched roofs or ground screw installation, etc. We aim to provide our customers with 100 percent security and continuous power generation.

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Featured Product

Roof Tech – E Mount AIR

Roof Tech - E Mount AIR

The most compact versatile rail-less PV mounting system under the sun. Instead of placing solar panels on top of long rails, simply attach E Mount AIR to rafters or the roof decking. Once panels are fastened to the roof, the system array is electrically bonded. The result is a visually seamless PV installation that stands the test of time. - Truly "One With The Roof". - PE stamped cert. letters available, UL 2703 Classified, ASTM 2140 fully waterproof. The one and only with integrated flexible flashing certified by the ICC! All the best quality. Only from Roof Tech