GEM Inc. and Capstone Turbine Corporation receive International Award for Hybrid MicroTurbine System

GEM Inc., of Walbridge, OH, and Capstone Turbine Corp. of Los Angeles, have received the 2011 International NOVA Award from the Construction Innovation Forum for micro-turbine technology at Syracuse University's green data center -- one of the world's most energy-efficient data centers.

TOLEDO, OH – GEM Inc., of Walbridge, OH, and Capstone Turbine Corporation, of Los Angeles, CA, have received the prestigious 2011 NOVA Award from the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) for MicroTurbine technology at Syracuse University's green data center – one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world.

GEM Inc.'s subsidiary, BHP Energy, and Capstone received the award for the Hybrid Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) MicroTurbine system first used at the Syracuse University Green Data Center. The Capstone Hybrid UPS is a mission critical new technology that improves reliability and reduces energy cost and magnitude. The Capstone Hybrid UPS system anchors a larger integrated power system, designed by GEM Inc.

The Capstone Hybrid UPS will be installed next at The University of Toledo. GEM Inc. is designing and building a power system for the University of Toledo's Green Data Center, which shares fundamental attributes of the Syracuse system. The University of Toledo project, which will be complete in late 2012, will showcase modular construction and integration techniques that may result in "Plug and Play" application at Mission Critical facilities across the globe.

More than 600 nominations from 20 countries were considered for the 2011 NOVA award. "Each year, the NOVA Awards honor top innovations in construction from around the world that increase quality and efficiency and reduce cost," said Rasha Stino, CIF Vice Chair. "An expert jury carefully selects award-winning innovations with the assistance of leading engineers serving as investigators. Capstone's Hybrid UPS MicroTurbine technology uniquely addresses the needs of power-critical applications. CIF congratulates the award winners, Capstone Turbine Corporation and GEM Inc."

"The Hybrid UPS MicroTurbine is an innovation, changing the world of mission critical energy delivery," said David Blair, President of BHP Energy, a GEM Inc. subsidiary.

The Hybrid UPS Microturbine is the first onsite power system in the world to integrate low-emission micro-turbines with a dual-conversion UPS to provide power for mission-critical loads. The system delivers uninterrupted electrical power, while overall system efficiencies reach 85-90 percent, reducing energy costs, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs.

Hussien Shousher, President of GEM Inc., says, "As we move further into the 21st Century, most industry and government studies predict a future with more grid electrical interruptions and higher energy costs. Our packaged solution, which includes Hybrid UPS turbines, can be rapidly implemented to keep critical infrastructure both operational and financially viable."

The Green Data Center at Syracuse University showcases 12 patented Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines which anchor the system that powers the 12,000-square-foot facility. With GEM's integrated Combined Cooling Heat and Power system, Syracuse uses 50 percent less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gases than traditional data centers, making it one of the world's most energy efficient and green data centers.

"The original commercial implementation at the Syracuse University Green Data Center was the result of the hard work and perseverance by the outstanding team that includes Capstone, IBM, Syracuse University, NYSERDA, and the Rudolph Libbe Companies: GEM and BHP," Blair says.

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