Strainstall Marine - Integrated Solutions for the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector

As the UK pursues its ambition to achieve 15% of electricity demand from renewable sources by 2020, the planned increased in generation from off-shore wind, wave and tidal devices in the marine environment presents increasing technical challenges in terms of distance to shore, water-depth, local sea

In response to these challenges Strainstall, a member of James Fisher & Sons plc, has developed a comprehensive range of load measurement and structural monitoring solutions that deliver increased levels of assurance to asset owners, insurers and array operators.

These systems are a critical tool in the development and operation of offshore renewable devices, as the risks involved in underestimating the forces and loads on wind, wave and tidal energy convertors can have serious consequences, ranging from loss of reputation to catastrophic failure and its associated consequences.

In offshore wind applications, Strainstall has developed and installed more than 30 remote structural health monitoring systems in offshore wind turbines around UK waters. These systems provide operators with valuable insights and information on the integrity, life and performance of foundations, transition pieces and towers allowing informed decisions to be made on the need for remedial work, accessibility and the need to prioritise particular maintenance activities during available weather windows.

Strainstall are involved right from the initial concept and prototype stage, with the installation of sensors on turbine blades to measure strain, displacement, acceleration and fatigue for design verification purposes, and for the life of the structure, with on-going structural health monitoring systems. Products and services supplied include:

 Design, development & offshore installation of bespoke structural monitoring systems & solutions :
– Foundation/transition piece connection issue (wind)
– Foundation weld integrity (wind)
– Monitoring of new foundation connection designs (wind)
– Blade stress monitoring (wind & tidal)
– Mooring load monitoring (wind, wave & tidal)
– Overload protection (wind, wave & tidal)
 Manufacture & supply of instrumented components
 Installation & commissioning (access trained personnel)
 Data acquisition, analysis & consultancy
 Telemetry, information displays & control system integration

For both wave and tidal applications Strainstall has developed a series of monitoring solutions that assist device developers and installers in overcoming the unique challenges of operating in the marine environment. This includes a range of mooring monitoring systems that can accurately measure and record the forces experienced by the device in response to changes in oceanographic and weather condition and, where appropriate, active overload protection systems.

These systems enable the loading on individual mooring lines to be kept within safe limits, ensuring that devices remain safely secured to the sea bed. Strainstall's solution can also be used as an aid during installation for mooring line set-up and to provide information that can enhance the design in respect of strength and reliability.

Several types of mooring system are available, each of which is tailored to meet the requirements of the specific application. These can range from the supply of a single load measuring pin or shackle to a completely integrated monitoring system with shore communication and SCADA type monitoring and control.

As a member of James Fisher & Sons plc, Strainstall is able leverage the skills, expertise and resources of the wider group to offer fully integrated solutions for offshore wind, wave and tidal development projects, providing a complete one stop' package to the renewables industry.

 Vessel mobilisation & offshore operations
 Diving services
 Lifting equipment supply and rental (including operators)
 Subsea Mass Flow Excavation
 Non Destructive Testing & visual inspection (surface & subsea)
 Subsea Engineering
 ROV supply, mobilisation and operation
 Offshore personnel supply,
 Fabrication
 Project engineering, integration & management
 Mooring installation, solutions and products
 Fendering & floatation solutions and products
 Marine bases at key locations

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Scott Cruttenden - Technical Sales/Product Manager - +44(0)1983203652

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