Powerway to Supply and Install 80 MW Mounting Structure Products for West Holding Group's Solar Power Plant in Japan

The said PV power plants will each equipped with 2MW power capacity, and scattering all over Japan, contributing to the local electricity power supply, filling the gap that nuclear power supply has left.

Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, a leading solar farm builder in China, which markets its mounting Structure products under the brand "Powerway", today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with West Holding Group, Japan. West Holding Group will invest in PV power plants in Japan, while Powerway will support West Holding in designing and constructing the PV power plants, using Powerway's state-of-the-art PowerScrew foundations, as well as Powerway's mounting Structure products. The said PV power plants will each equipped with 2MW power capacity, and scattering all over Japan, contributing to the local electricity power supply, filling the gap that nuclear power supply has left.

"Japan is an "island country", and is situated in the earthquake bend that creates challenges for mounting structure engineers," said Benson Wu, CEO of Powerway. "I am happy that PowerScrew is selected by West Holding to be the system for supporting solar panels in West Holding's PV power plants. No doubt, our PowerScrew foundation, made by tough structural steel, galvanized to stand for over 40 years' weathering, and well tested by computer simulation to resist strong wind load and earthquake attack, is ideal to Japanese geologist situation. We are proud to be associated with West Holding, the top solar construction company in Japan."

Under the terms of the relevant agreements, Powerway will design, supply and install mounting structures for West Holding's 80MW project pipelines in 2012,with the total contract value of over USD 12 mil, and more to come in 2013. Powerway will have its structural engineers working hands in hands with West Holding's engineers in over 40 solar-farm sites in Japan in the year to come.

About Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd
Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, which markets its products under the brand "Powerway", is a leading solar farm builder, and one of the world's leading mounting structure suppliers for PV industry. With over 20 years of metal fabrication experience, combined with its strong engineering team, cut-edge production facility in Foshan, China, Powerway has set up installation teams not only in several strategic locations in China, but also in India, South Africa, Europe, and now in USA and in Japan. Powerway has set the footprint in South Africa to set up local manufacturing and installation facilities in order to meet the local content requirement of South Africa. Details, please see www.pvpowerway.com

About West Holdings
West Holdings is one of the largest construction companies for residential rooftop solar power systems in Japan. The company is involved in the planning, design, construction, sale, and remodeling of PV systems. At the end of February 2011, the company had sold and installed systems in nearly 22,000 homes in Japan. West Holdings was founded in 2006 and is publicly listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange (1407:JP). Details please see: www.west-gr.co.jp

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