POWERWAY & DOW CORNING Strategic Cooperation

POWERWAY & DOW CORNING Strategic Cooperation for Tailored Frameless Thin-film Module Mounting System Development ------Innovative Integration for Silicone Adhesive Bonding and PV Mounting System Installation

Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, the renowned Chinese solar farm designer and builder, declared its strategic partnership with the global leader in silicones Dow Corning today. With its proven highly-remarkable silicone bonding technology widely applied to fields of architecture, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and industrial assemblies. The strategic Powerway-Dow Corning cooperation witnesses another innovative integration for silicone adhesive bonding application to PV mounting system installations.

"In recent years, solar farm project designs ensuring safety with reasonable prices and of guaranteed power generation efficiency win most favors within PV industry. Thus, exploring cost-effective power plant construction approaches becomes the PV industry trends." Powerway CEO Benson Wu analysed, "Powerway is aimed to reduce the overall cost of PV power plant construction meanwhile provide a more secure and reliable mounting system. By executing Dow Corning silicone bonding program, not only are we able to ensure security for the PV mounting system, but also we can greatly reduce the PV mounting system material consumption and improve the installation efficiency"

Powerway excels superior R&D capabilities, abundant solar farm construction experience and innovative spirit, combined with Dow Corning silicone bonding technology, will definitely bring a revolutionary change to solar energy fields worldwide. Powerway- Dow Corning technical researchers will further in-depth mutual cooperation and present ‘safe, high- efficient, economic 'mounting system designs to photovoltaic field." said Axel H. Giesecke with firm confidence, Dow Corning Global Marketing Manager for solar module back end & system installation.

Overview of Dow Corning
Dow Corning provides performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide. As a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, Dow Corning offers more than 7,000 products and services via the company's Dow Corning® and XIAMETER® brands. Dow Corning is a joint venture equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated. Headquartered in Midland, Michigan in the US, Dow Corning has 45 production plants and warehouses as well as over 10,000 employees around the globe. In 2010, the company's sales revenue reached over USD 6 billion, over half of which came from regions outside the US. Innovation is at the core of what Dow Corning does. Dow Corning has invested about 4% of its sales revenue annually in research and development, and currently possesses more than 5,000 effective patents. For more details please see www.dowcorning.com.

Dow Corning® Rail Bonding- A High-Performing Solution for the Solar Industry
• Providing protection from environmental attack, thermal and mechanical shock, breakage and vibration
• Offering higher performance versus clips, screws and typical PV tapes
• Minimizing damage from over tightened clips
• Adding durability and structural strength
• Adhering to typical photovoltaic substrates such as glass and metal rails
• Offering a quick cure time for ease of use www.dowcorning.com

Overview of Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd
Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, commissioned with "Powerway, Safety all the way", is one of the world's renowned solar farm builder and the leading mounting structure suppliers for PV industry. With over 20 years of metal fabrication experience, combined with its strong engineering team, cut-edge production facility in Foshan, China, POWERWAY has set up installation teams not only in several strategic locations in China, but also in India, South Africa, Europe, and now in USA and Japan. Powerway has set the footprint in South Africa to set up local manufacturing and installation facilities in order to meet the local content requirement of South Africa. For more details please see www.pvpowerway.com.

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Iron Edison Lithium Iron Battery

Iron Edison Lithium Iron Battery

The Iron Edison Lithium Iron solar battery is fully compatible with popular battery-based inverters and is housed inside a rugged steel enclosure with integrated Battery Management System. Standard capacities range from 2 kWh to 42 kWh, with custom high-capacity and high-voltage models available for commercial applications like peak load shaving and UPS. The battery is designed and assembled at the company's headquarters just outside of Denver, Colorado. The Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery is an ideal replacement for lead-acid battery, with longer cycle life, smaller footprint, and maintenance-free operation. Residential applications include solar battery backup, grid-zero and off-grid energy storage. Commercial applications include high voltage battery backup, off-grid telecommunications power and peak load shaving. If you have any questions, please call us at 720-432-6433. We are happy to help!