Draker™ Continues Expansion, Outgrows its "Laboratory"

Draker removes "Laboratories" from its name, aligning its brand identity with its global customer base and expanding operations

BURLINGTON, VT April 30, 2012

Draker (http://www.drakerenergy.com), the global leader in turnkey solar monitoring and asset management solutions for commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems, today announced several exciting milestones and developments in the company's evolution:

>> The company has grown at over 250% per year since 2009 and now serves a base of global customers in North America, Europe and Asia

>> Successful implementation of monitoring and control systems on over 100MW of utility scale PV power plants ranging in size up to 30MW

>>Successful completion of ETL Certification for Draker PV hardware in the United States and Canada

>>The company's industry-leading turnkey solar monitoring and asset management hardware and software solutions have now been deployed at over 600 PV sites

>> Expansion of staff to over 60 employees with key additions in executive management, direct sales, customer support, engineering and product development

>>To accommodate growth, Draker has more than tripled its office space with locations in Vermont, California and New Jersey

To align the company's brand identity with its growth and evolution of its products, customers and operations, the company also announced today that it is removing "Laboratories" from its name and changing its name to "Draker". The name change precedes the renaming of Draker's software and hardware offerings under a single Draker brand. Draker's line of hardware formerly known as Sentalis™ and its suite of SolarWise™ software will now be offered to the global market under the new Draker PV Commercial and Draker PV Utility product names.

"For nearly a decade, the "Laboratories" aspect of our brand identity has indicated our focus on customer-driven research and development of products and services to meet the needs of renewable energy providers," explained Draker CEO Chach Curtis, commenting on the change in the company's name and brand. "In changing our name to "Draker" we leverage that proud history of innovation while better communicating the depth of experience and industry-leading position we have achieved delivering monitoring, management and control systems for the solar industry. Our global utility-scale and commercial PV customers have come to trust our turnkey Draker PV Utility and Draker PV Commercial packages as widely accepted and field proven hardware, software and services solutions."

About Draker
Draker provides accurate and highly reliable solar monitoring and asset management solutions that help owners and operators of commercial and utility-scale PV systems maximize the efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. As a supplier of integrated end-to-end monitoring solutions, Draker's turnkey systems combine proven field instrumentation with an intuitive web-based information management application and unmatched customer support. Draker is a fully integrated company that designs, manufactures and sells PV monitoring, management and controls systems into the global marketplace from its headquarters in Vermont, USA, with additional offices in California and New Jersey. For more information please visit our new website at http://www.drakerenergy.com.

Featured Product

WS510 Secondary Standard

WS510 Secondary Standard

In the monitoring of large photovoltaic (Utility Scale), in assessing potential sites (Solar-assessment), or in up and coming electricity cost saving initiatives projects (Commercial & Industrial), the WS510 now provides the market a secondary standard pyranometer, ultrasonic wind speed, ultrasonic wind direction, temperature, pressure and humidity all in a single unit.. This sensor meets the high demands of the world meteorological organization (WMO) through the active valving at air temperature measurement and the inertia- and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction on the ultrasonic principle. Equipped with a Kipp & Zonen pyranometer of the secondary standards, the WS510-UMB Compact weather sensor from Lufft unites the precision of a variety of meteorological individual sensors in a single all-in-one device, for the first time.