Powerway develops an Anti-subsidence PV Mounting System for a 2 MW landfill project in Malaysia

Completion of the 2 MW landfill project in Malaysia is expected by the end of May 2012, with annual electricity output of approximately 2.92 million KW/H

Recently, Powerway's newly developed anti-subsidence PV mounting system has won great interest in Malaysia, where it is expected to be applied to a landfill-based 2MW solar plant. The system has gained professional recognition from Panasonic Malaysia and the developer, Ditrolic Sdn. Bhd., the largest EPC company in Malaysia.

The PV industry recognizes that large-scale plants require large areas of land. For this reason, investors prefer lower-value properties such as salt land, landfill and marshland, with abundant radiation but low rental costs, like farmland.

However, PV developers are always concerned with the safety problems of such unstable soil types. Powerway, as the first Chinese solar farm builder to invent anti-subsidence PV structures, is pioneering landfill-tailored plant designs, winning the confidence of the companies involved with PV power plants.

"This design is suitable in most countries which have special requirements to deal with backfill soil areas," said Peter, the developer of the anti-subsidence PV mounting system. "This unique design stands out with four features: free connected parts, fool-proof installation, 20% material reduction and height-adjustability. There is no doubt that this advanced structural system could be widely applied in Asian countries."

Completion of the 2 MW landfill project in Malaysia is expected by the end of May 2012, with annual electricity output of approximately 2.92 million KW/H.


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