Astonfield Taps Former Chairman, Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission, B.K. Halder to be Vice Chairman

New executive adds muscle to government affairs team

NEW DELHI - 12 February 2013 - Astonfield Renewables is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. B.K. Halder as Vice Chairman. Mr. Halder will assume an Executive Role to assist in Government Affairs and all Astonfield's Business Development within the framework of various provisions of the Electricity Act 2003, Rules, Regulations and different Guidelines of the Central and State Governments.

Mr. Halder is a prominent force in the electricity sector, having served as Chairman of the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) from April 2007 to December 2010 prior to joining Astonfield. As Chairman, Mr. Halder frequently interacted with the Chairmen of other Electricity Regulatory Commissions (ERCs) at the Forum of Regulators meetings held every quarter.

"India needs companies like Astonfield which are serious about harnessing Green Energy from renewable resources, and I am an ardent supporter of their mission," said Mr. Halder. "I look forward to being an important part of the Astonfield team and contributing to its success which will ultimately help the country in maintaining Environmental and Ecological Balance."

Before joining the BERC, Mr. Halder served as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer holding several important posts in Bihar including District Magistrate of Chapra, Deputy Commissioner and Collector of Jamshedpur, District Magistrate of Katihar, Divisional Commissioner of Hazaribagh and Divisional Commissioner of Ranchi. He has very good exposure in the Industrial Sector also.

"We are proud that someone of Mr. Halder's calibre is joining forces with Astonfield as we go full tilt on building out our pipeline. His vision and ability to build consensus will be pivotal to paving the way for effective solar implementation in India," said Sourabh Sen, Co-Chairman of Astonfield.

Mr. Halder has also served as Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, where he was in charge of the Internal Security Division and National Integration. After completion of his tenure in the Government of India, he returned to Bihar serving as Personnel Secretary before becoming Home Secretary for the Government of Bihar.

"We welcome Mr. Halder to the Astonfield family and look forward to the key role he will play at the firm as we look to commission more than one hundred megawatts in fiscal year 2013," said Ameet Shah, Co-Chairman of Astonfield Renewables.

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