MCE Selects PlanetEcosystems' Consumer Engagement Platform to Support its Energy Efficiency Programs

Turnkey platform chosen to increase the value of services delivered to consumers and strengthen relationships with 120,000 households in Marin County

San Francisco, Calif. – February 26, 2013 – PlanetEcosystems and Marin Energy Authority today announced that MCE, the first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program in California and electricity supplier of choice to Marin county and Richmond residents, will deploy PlanetEcosystems' P-ECOSYS consumer engagement platform. MCE chose PlanetEcosystems' plug-and-play platform for its orientation around consumer needs, and its emphasis on strengthening relationships with the area's 120,000 households.

"We're excited to offer MCE customers a new energy efficiency tool which will allow them to maximize net savings, reduce carbon footprints, and make their homes more comfortable and healthy in a cost-effective way. The tool developed by PlanetEcosystems is a value-add that customers in our service area can only get from MCE," said Dawn Weisz, executive officer of Marin Energy Authority.

MCE will deploy many components of PlanetEcosystems' consumer engagement platform, including three user-oriented web portals:

· Consumer engagement portal, including utility system optimization tools, rebate, financing and vendor management tools, social engagement and other facilities

· Vendor portal, with professional-level utility system optimization tools, project and other management tools

· Administrator portal, with program analysis, management and reporting tools

In addition, MCE has engaged PlanetEcosystems to provide several program activities, including school-based initiatives that use social and gamification techniques to engage students and their parents; direct messaging initiatives that use utility optimization and normative-comparative techniques to motivate consumer action; and several neighborhood-based energy-advisor initiatives.

"MCE's deployment of our consumer engagement platform, an initiative approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, represents a new era in energy efficiency," said Steve Malloy, co-founder and senior vice president of PlanetEcosystems. "As locally-based and competitive suppliers, CCAs are often more in tune with the needs of utility consumers. With our platform, MCE can uniquely support the breadth and depth of its heightened consumer engagement and value delivery needs."

About PlanetEcosystems

PlanetEcosystems is a consumer engagement and demand reduction service provider, helping utilities and local governments achieve substantial reductions in residential and commercial energy and water demand. PlanetEcosystems understands what it takes to achieve consumer action, deploying proven and proprietary programs to activate the key motivators of consumer action, including unique, patent-pending web tools that optimize consumers' utility economics and integrated media and ground-game engagement campaigns. To learn more, visit

About MCE

MCE is a public, not-for-profit electricity provider that gives customers the choice of having 50% to 100% of their electricity supplied from clean, renewable sources such as solar, wind, biopower, and water at competitive rates. By choosing MCE, customers can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support new in-state and local renewable energy generation.

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