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Distributed energy leader Urban Green Energy unveils VisionAIRTM

NEW YORK, New York, May 15th, 2013 - Urban Green Energy (UGE) announced today the launch of a new wind turbine, VisionAIR, which will become the standard option in UGE's leading hybrid energy solutions. The turbine, conceived after more than a year of dedicated testing at UGE's research and development facility, is due to transform distributed energy applications for business locations and telecoms sites.

Built off of the strong platform of UGE's renewable energy solutions, which have made UGE into the distributed wind leader, VisionAIR takes distributed renewable energy to the next level. "VisionAIR is already redefining what distributed wind means," said Ty McKnight, UGE's AVP of Research and Development. "The efficiency and reliability of this model was achieved while retaining UGE's stunning visual design and quiet operation, a feat that is completely unmatched." VisionAIR turbine has been extensively tested by third parties and has already been certified to numerous international standards, including UL certification for its generator. The turbine is currently under test at a leading testing facility in the United States, poised to become the first turbine in its class to achieve multiple IEC-61400 certification milestones.

The vertical axis turbine integrates with UGE's SeamlessGrid™ power management system which can easily incorporate solar panels for hybrid installations. SeamlessGrid™ includes advanced remote monitoring and control through UGE's ViewUGE™ platform as well as additional safety features that redefine safety and long-term reliability for distributed energy systems.

Like all other products provided by UGE, VisionAIR has been extensively tested for standards of safety, reliability, and performance. Taking advantage of UGE's proprietary model for remote site assessments, the UGE team designs renewable energy solutions which incorporate various technologies, including VisionAIR, taking into account specific on-site needs and resource availability. The turbine is being made available both for installations which feed energy into the grid and for those that operate independently, integrating UGE's power electronics with energy storage and smart grid solutions.

VisionAIR is being unveiled for its inaugural installation at the Beijing International Garden Expo, which is estimated to receive approximately 10 million visitors and opens this Saturday, May 18th. The project features two turbines and 40kW of solar panels, together powering the ticket center and welcoming arriving guests. VisionAIR is available for order starting today from UGE and the worldwide UGE Partner Network.

About Urban Green Energy
With projects in 80 countries, including installations for several Fortune 100 companies, UGE is changing the face of distributed renewable energy at a global scale. UGE puts users in control of their energy source by deploying hybrid wind, solar and storage solutions, from commercial facilities in North America and Europe to telecom towers in developing countries. UGE's technology advantage includes proprietary wind technology, site planning and deployment, power electronics, and remote monitoring and control systems, which are combined into best in class solutions at the nexus of energy cost, security and sustainability.

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