Main Street Power and Partners Announce Completion of 2.5MW Solar Energy Facility on a Brownfield Site in Stow, MA

Sustainable land use project supports the state's solar development directives while keeping energy costs low for Stow residents

Stow, Mass., January 8, 2013---Main Street Power Company, Inc. ("Main Street Power"), in partnership with MS Solar Solutions Corp., an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, today announced the completion of a 2.5MW solar project on a brownfield site in Stow, Massachusetts. The conversion of the Massachusetts DEP-monitored brownfield site into a productive, energy-generating resource supports the state's solar siting priorities while keeping energy costs low for local residents.

The solar facility is located on a leased 12-acre parcel of land and was constructed in less than four months by solar EPC firm Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. Gehrlicher maintains an active sales and engineering office in Boston and utilizes local labor for its projects in Massachusetts. The project is owned and operated by Main Street Power. "Our mission is to deliver affordable solar energy to mainstream America through ownership and operation of distributed generation projects," stated Amory Host, CEO of Main Street Power. He added, "The environmental and local participation in this sustainable land use project make it a perfect fit for our portfolio."

During the first year of operation, the 8,769-panel facility is expected to generate enough energy to offset the annual electricity use of 300 typical U.S. residences. The local utility, Hudson Light & Power Department (HLPD), signed a 25-year power purchase agreement with Main Street Power to purchase 100% of the generated energy at a favorable rate that allows HLPD to maintain long-term, attractive energy rates for their service area.

Project developers Syncarpha Solar LLC and Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC ("REM") led the site identification and lease negotiations with the property owner, permitting efforts with the Town of Stow, and energy contracting with HLPD. Cliff Chapman, Managing Partner at Syncarpha Solar, stated, "We are thrilled to be a part of this successful brownfield solar project. Syncarpha believes that EPA-monitored brownfield sites are perfect fits for solar, transforming virtually un-useable land into a clean power generator. The property owner, the Town of Stow and the local utility will all benefit from both the power and revenues generated by the project."

Bob Knowles, Managing Director of REM stated, "We knew that this brownfield site directly adjacent to the local grid would be a perfect host site for a large solar energy facility." He added, "It's incredibly gratifying to see the facility quietly generating clean, affordable energy for the citizens of Stow and helping to accomplish the goals of the Commonwealth's Green Communities Act passed back in 2008."

About Main Street Power
Main Street Power Company, Inc. delivers renewable power through distributed generation solar projects. Main Street Power owns, and operates solar assets at schools, colleges, cities, utilities, and nonprofits through a partnership with MS Solar Solutions Corp. A commitment to solving social and environmental problems through clean energy, local jobs creation, and solar science education for children has earned Main Street Power a three-star GIIRS rating by B-Lab, the global social impact rating organization. Visit the company online at

About MS Solar Solutions Corp.
MS Solar Solutions Corp. (MSSS) is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), one of the world's leading financial institutions. MSSS focuses on helping to develop and finance solar photovoltaic (PV) projects through strategic relationships with industry participants including developers, suppliers, installers, governmental agencies and the community at-large.

About Syncarpha Solar LLC
Syncarpha Solar is dedicated to developing, owning and operating commercial and utility scale solar photovoltaic ("PV") systems throughout the US and Canada. Syncarpha uses an end-to-end approach to develop, own and operate solar plants, leveraging best of breed technology and expertise in both the finance and renewable energy fields. Syncarpha currently owns nearly fourteen megawatts ("MW") of operating assets in New Jersey and Arizona and has over 200MW of projects under development in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, British Columbia and Ontario.

About Renewable Energy Massachusetts
Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC (REM) is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based solar energy development company founded in 2009 with a mission to develop large-scale solar energy projects in the home state of its co-founders, Brian Kopperl and Bob Knowles. REM has been an active participant in the Massachusetts DOER and DPU regulatory rule-making process for solar, and is currently developing several megawatt-scale solar energy projects in partnership with Massachusetts landowners, municipalities, utilities and other large energy off-takers.

About Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. (GSAC)
Leveraging a 19-year corporate history which encompasses pioneering innovation and over 750 MW of project installations worldwide, GSAC provides cost effective, high performance solar PV systems to the Americas marketplace. Since 2010, GSAC has employed a proven business model which resulted in near 150 MW of PV projects built across the United States. In 2012 Gehrlicher opened an office in Boston to support its rapidly expanding New England market and will have 75MW built or in final construction in Massachusetts by end of 2013. Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary under the holding company M+W Americas, a full service architectural, engineering, and construction management firm that offers a broad range of global services to public and private clients.

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