ACE Solar to Offer SunTegra™ Solar Shingles for New York and New Jersey Customers

New partnership brings attractive, roof-integrated solar systems to more residential solar customers

Port Chester, N.Y. — The future of residential solar in the New York area just got a little brighter, as solar contractor ACE Solar launched a partnership with Integrated Solar Technology, LLC (IST), a New York-based advanced solar product and manufacturing company, to offer its aesthetically preferred SunTegra™ Shingle Solar Roof Systems to customers. Serving clients in New York and New Jersey, ACE Solar will now offer IST's attractive, roof-integrated solar shingles as an enhanced option for residential customers.

IST's SunTegra™ Shingle and SunTegra™ Tile Solar Roof Systems offer customers a viable and cost-effective way to seamlessly integrate solar into their roofs. The SunTegra™ Shingle and Tile products attach directly to roof decking or battens, and function both as a solar panel and a roofing material. Both products are UL 1703 certified and carry a Class A fire rating.

"We are very excited to bring a solar contractor as experienced as ACE Solar on board as a premier partner in New Jersey," IST's Regional Sales Manager Noah Siegel said. "ACE Solar's regional experience and construction background make it a perfect match to work with IST, bringing the unique solar shingle solution to homeowners."

ACE Solar inaugurated its new partnership with IST with its first residential SunTegra™ Shingle installation in Morristown, NJ, in May.

"I have looked at solar products like these in the past, but none ever struck me as professionally-designed as the SunTegra Shingle product,", Co-founder and Director of Engineering at ACE Solar James Van Ness said. "With my engineering background, I was always concerned with the electrical connections. The SunTegra integrated wiring makes panel-to-panel electrical connections simple and keeps these connections protected underneath the modules. This is truly a safe and reliable roof-integrated solution that achieves the attractiveness that aesthetically-minded homeowners are looking for when going solar."

About Integrated Solar Technology, LLC. and SunTegra™
Founded by Oliver Koehler in early 2013, Integrated Solar Technology (IST) is dedicated to offering innovative product solutions to the solar, roofing and construction industries. Upon receiving UL certifications in late 2014, IST began offering its proprietary SunTegra™ Tile and SunTegra™ Shingle solar modules across the United States and manufacturing the SunTegra™ modules on a commercial scale. The SunTegra™ modules generate clean electricity from the sun, look great, are simple to install, and provide more cost savings than conventional solar electric systems. IST partners with solar integrators, roofers, and contractors across the United States interested in offering a unique, attractive solar roof system to their residential and commercial customers. For more information, see

About ACE Solar, LLC
ACE Solar was founded in 2010 by Jim Van Ness and Kathie Keller as the result of their passion for conservation, recycling and alternative energy. They assembled a highly qualified team to enable new Green and Alternative Energy Solutions to become main-stream within the coming decade and beyond. Working with innovative companies, like IST, fits their quest to install well designed, top quality and sustainable systems packaged with the correct financing, promoting a GREENER planet and healthier environment for all. For more information, see


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