SAKOR Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, announces that it has moved from its previous facility in Okemos, Michigan to a much larger facility in Owosso, Michigan. The company has grown rapidly in the past several years, and the new building better supports SAKOR's current and future growth.

The new facility, which will house the company's administrative, engineering, and manufacturing operations all together, formerly housed Baker College's Auto/Diesel Institute of Michigan. As such, the building's design and facilities are ideal for SAKOR's needs: it currently measures 20,000 sq. ft., has ample high-voltage electrical power, and is laid out in a way that is exceptionally convenient for SAKOR's manufacturing needs.

"We look forward to the opportunity to work with Baker College that the move to this new facility will allow, and hope that our proximity will foster a sustained, mutually beneficial relationship," said Randal Beattie, President of SAKOR. "Taking over their facility, which was already set up in way that is highly conducive to our company's manufacturing needs, was truly an ideal solution."

The new facility's production bays are large enough to accommodate manufacturing more products at one time and manufacturing much larger, more sophisticated projects on-site than were previously possible. These building features will play a part in sustaining the company's accelerating growth curve into the future.

"We've been growing for quite some time, and since our growth rate has been accelerating dramatically in recent years, we felt that it was time to find a new facility that is better suited to both our current and future production needs. Fortunately, this building was available and is a prime location for the next phase of SAKOR's growth," Beattie added. "Our team is excited for this next stage, and was motivated to move into the new building quickly in order to continue manufacturing without delays."

While SAKOR will likely undertake renovations to the new building in the near future, the company was able to move into the new space quickly, thereby allowing them to keep up with a busy production schedule and meet all promised delivery dates.


About SAKOR Technologies, Inc.

SAKOR Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in the manufacture and development of reliable and cost-effective automated test instrumentation systems for a wide range of applications. For over 29 years, the company has been providing quality products and superior customer service to a variety of markets including automotive, military, aerospace, marine, heavy equipment, performance racing, electric motor, consumer appliance and more.

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