Intersolar - Princeton Power Systems Launches ESIQ Technology Platform For Delivering Energy Storage Solutions

The ESIQ platform, implemented by Princeton Power’s experienced team of energy storage experts, streamlines the delivery of turnkey energy storage systems, microgrid operations and electric vehicle charging solutions to customers and partners worldwide.

Lawrenceville, N.J. and San Francisco -- July 12, 2016 — Princeton Power Systems, the global energy storage solutions leader, announced today at Intersolar North America the launch of its Energy Storage IQ (ESIQ) technology platform. The ESIQ platform, implemented by Princeton Power's experienced team of energy storage experts, streamlines the delivery of turnkey energy storage systems, microgrid operations and electric vehicle charging solutions to customers and partners worldwide.

Princeton Power's unique ESIQ platform enables the delivery of efficient, cost effective solutions for commercial, industrial and utility energy storage. The ESIQ platform ties together batteries, inverters, cooling systems and enclosures, along with control software, to enable seamless integration of energy storage system components prior to arriving at customer sites. Princeton's advanced inverters operate in on-grid and off-grid modes and are ready to be used in peak shaving or full microgrid applications, and are compatible with multiple battery types.

"We are excited for the launch of our ESIQ platform, a sophisticated control technology designed by our uniquely experienced team," said Darren Hammell, president and CEO of Princeton Power. "ESIQ streamlines processes for our customers, eliminates unnecessary integration headaches, and drives efficient and effective deployments. This year, we celebrate our 15th year in business while continuing to define the curve and trajectory of the energy technology industry."

Leveraging ESIQ, Princeton Power delivers a fully-working Energy Storage System (ESS). When a more complicated microgrid operation is required, the company utilizes a proprietary Energy Management Operating System (EMOS™) controller that enables the design and configuration of a microgrid with the ease of drawing an electrical one-line. The EMOS controller is pre-configured at the factory to control various microgrid generators, PV inverters, ESS, and other components when it arrives. EMOS operates the microgrid in real-time and ensures reliable operation of all components, optimization of the controls, and enables remote monitoring. As a component of the ESIQ platform, the controller is pre-integrated with Princeton Power's inverters and battery systems.

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About Princeton Power Systems
Princeton Power, based in New Jersey and founded in 2001, designs and manufactures solutions for energy storage, microgrid operations, and electric vehicle charging. The company is a global leader working with customers and partners across North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. The company solves power issues to allow continued growth of distributed renewable energy, by providing proven energy storage solutions. The company proudly manufactures its products in the USA. More information about Princeton Power is available at

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