US Solar Manufacturer Opening New Factory with High-Power Five Bus Bar Module

Itek Energy, an American solar module manufacturer, is moving to a five bus bar module while expanding its capacity with a new manufacturing facility.

Bellingham, WA, June 29, 2017 - The Bellingham-based company Itek Energy is expanding its operations to the Bellingham Waterfront this summer, where it will begin production on the next generation of high-power, high-efficiency solar PV modules.

"We're powering up in every sense of the word," says Itek COO Dave McCarty. "Our new factory will give us 210 megawatt capacity and our new modules will offer a 300 to 370 watt range of power output. Plus, our staff had a six-month intensive training this year, so we are really excited to bring all of those pieces together."

Itek's modules are moving from a three bus bar cell to a five bus bar cell, increasing their efficiency. Itek will be offering a 365 watt 72 cell solar module in addition to their current 305 watt 60 cell product, both five bus bar. "The 72 cell module is ideal for commercial installations, and it also works great for residential," says McCarty.

These new modules will be made using state-of-the-art equipment. Itek's equipment enables an automated process, which is closely monitored by trained staff to produce a highly reliable product. In addition to their high powered solar module, Itek customers can also add in functionality options, including rapid shut down (RSD), optimization, and long strings with the Itek Smart Module.

Itek is an American manufacturer that is 100% invested and based in the United States. Itek founder John Flanagan attributes the company's steady success in a tumultuous industry to conservative, organic growth. "This expansion is coming at the right time," says Flanagan. "There is a need for a stable, US-manufactured solar panel in the market right now, and we are well-positioned to respond."

Flanagan founded Itek in 2011 because of growing concern over climate change and a deep conviction that renewable energy was one of the most practical ways to combat its progression. Once at full capacity, the amount of solar modules that Itek manufactures per year will be enough clean, renewable energy to power about 34,400 homes.

About Itek Energy:
Itek Energy is an American solar manufacturer with factories in Washington and Minnesota. Itek takes pride in offering high-quality, assembled-in-America solar modules with an exemplary reliability record. Our experienced team shares a passion for solar energy and is committed to making a positive impact, providing access to clean solar energy.

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