CANMET tests have shown that this renewable biomass fuel log produces 94% less CO and 84% less Particulate Matter emissions than cordwood.

Shkoodaow - An Earth Wise Fire Log

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Boxes are wonderful tools. They were created for containment of objects to transport things that were once just ideas from one location  to another through ease of handling. They are often used to save space in storage by compacting together odd shaped objects. The other interesting thing about boxes is the fact that boxes often trap us as human beings into a stagnant way of thinking. When we travel within that contained space we have only so much area that we can cover. However if we leave the box, then we have in front of us a whole new world to explore.

That is how Shkoodaow was born. As far as we have been able to ascertain  thus far from present research, all fire logs available on the market today are different forms of wood waste and paraffin wax. They either include one or the other. Paraffin wax is the waste created from the petrochemical industry. Shkoodaow is not a wood waste product and does not use paraffin wax. It is a new concept born from thinking outside of the box. 

The inventors of this renewable biomass fuel log, Harry Rickard and Carla Bonnell Rickard set up CREEATIVE ENERGY INC in the spring of 2003 to prepare for the manufacturing of the log to make it available for the local market. Tests from Canmet and the Canadian Innovations Center had been completed and it was time to prepare to go to market.  The fire log made the top 20% in the study conducted by the Canadian Innovations Center. Tests through Canmet have shown great reductions in CO and Particulate Matter Emissions ranking the Shkoodaow Fire Log as being nearly 90 percent cleaner than cordwood.  

CANMET tests have shown that this renewable biomass fuel log produces 94% less CO and 84% less Particulate Matter emissions than cordwood. In comparison to the most known firelog on the market our fire log is 9 times cleaner than cordwood and 4 times more clean that the leading firelog. The product is CO neutral which is beneficial for the growth of green plant life on the planet. At this point we are convinced that Shkoodaow stands alone in bringing waste reduction down, producing low emissions and having the potential to have other spin off effects in the economies of Atlantic Canada.

Waste Material

Shkoodaow is made from waste products that would normally be headed for landfills. Although some of the material is presently being diverted out of landfills through available recycling processes, there is still a great quantity that is cannot be used by recycling industries today. Most of the material we use in our process is not effected by their deterioration through exposure to the elements of sun and water. For many industries this is fatal to their end products. This exposure is actually beneficial in the whole process we have developed and improved for the end product. In other words, we allow nature to do her thing and we reap the benefits of it. CREEATIVE ENERGY INC (CEI) can therefore divert these  un-useable " damaged waste materials" into our production facilities and keep them out of landfills. Shkoodaow is comprised of 99 per cent raw waste materials in which we recycle within our process. The other one percent of the product's makeup is a not recycled but rather a 100% natural product derived from plant life, known to have no harmful effects on human health.

Benefits and Features of Shkoodaow

In comparison to other fire logs presently on the market, Shkoodaow is just under 2lbs and burns for up to 2.5 hours while the actual flame lasts over an hour. The burn time of the log is dependent on factors such as environmental controls. The BTU's are relatively high as they have been estimated to be just above 14,000 btu's per pound. One fire log gives out just over 28,000 btu's in its burn time. The average log is 7.5-9 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. It is easy to light and does not require special packaging. For the elderly this log is much easier to handle than a 3-6 lb. Its also is compact and  does not leave a mess of bark, leaves and bugs behind! Campers and hikers will appreciate the lightweight feature when weight really matters in planning high impact outdoor trips.

(apply flame for 50-10 seconds)


(light both ends)

The log is safe to handle with bare hands and doesn't spark. For those who like to stoke a fire, this can be done safely with Shkoodaow because it does not easily break apart when being burned. After the log is burned it will retain its shape. One must be careful not to assume the log is completely out as the ash that covers the log will not fall off exposing coals. The coals remain hidden within the formed ash to continue providing heat. Users must make sure  that coals are completely cool before attempt to touch the ash with the hands or gloves. Even after the flame has dissipated the ash of the outer part of the log encapsulates coals on the inside, continuing to provide heat. The ash from the log is very light weight and is of a powdery texture after it is fully cool. Test have shown that Shkoodaow log produces 0.01 grams of ash per pound which works out to approximately 10 grams of ash per pound.

(Shkoodaow Ash-10grams/1lb)

(Competitors Ash-20grams/1lb)

The log is resistant to mold and insects. However another feature that makes Shkoodaow stand apart from the rest is that it is water resistant! The log is bouyant in water and can immediately be lit after being left in water for over two hours. The water will gather like dew drops on the log. One only has to shake off the access water and apply flame to the edge of the log. Remember water doesn't ignite so you will hear  snapping and sizzling noises as the water is fully evaporated from the log at the point of combustion. There are no worries about storing the product in damp places for this very reason. The log's performance will not be hampered if the product is frozen. It is even beneficial in small ways to the length of burn that you will receive from your product!

Weather conditions have always been a long standing problem for outdoors people who find themselves in the extremes. Smaller forms of the renewable biomass fuel are available in approximately 50 grams balls and 100 gram pucks. These are ideal for those emergency situations. Both will boil a litre of water in a camping style tea pot. When using this product outside please remember to follow fire rules and regulations. Mount the firestarter or log in safe firepit of rock or brick to prevent the fuel from liquifying and starting ground fires. The length of time and easy start of the Skhoodaow fuel is dependant upon burn conditions. It is obvious that in windy and breezy conditions it will be more difficult to light the product. The product will also burn faster in these conditions. It is best to keep the burn conditions contained reducing the effects of wind. However light rain and mist will not effect the product's burn time or ability to be lit. As you can see from these pictures below, Shkoodaow not only has functional applications, but it is also wonderful for creating mood for a relaxing evening.

Fireball after initial combustion on candleabra stick

Amazing display of 5 fireballs on candleabra  inside brick lined fireplace

Other Potential Applications

CREEATIVE ENERGY INC continues to research areas where the patent pending biomass fuel can be applied. Earlier indicators show that the fuel may be used in the generation of energy for both commercial and industrial generators.  The cost is comparable to other forms of biomass and fossil fuel production. As demand grows for Shkoodaow, in whatever form that the market demands from it, the costs are cited to go down rather than increase.

Continuing research also includes the development of a stove that meets the specifications of this product for residential use. One log will comfortably heat approximately 900 sq feet for  well over two hours. To heat a home this size for an 8 hour day, 5 Shkoodaow logs would typically need to be used.

As the reality of the Kyoto Accord begins to effect the every day consumer by means of government regulations and local bylaws, we see Shkoodaow having a role to play in consumer choice for the market place. The cost of traditional fuels is often on the increase due to international factors. Canada has more than enough refuse to be used in this product which, at least in theory, keep the prices down and stabilized.

Shkoodaow is presently being carried in local stores in New Brunswick Canada. CREEATIVE ENERGY INC is presently in discussions with governments and private investors to expand the operation. Visit Shkoodaow on our website . Contact Harry Rickard (President and CEO) for licensing and investment opportunities. 

Other Publications: Grand Lake Mirror Ltd., New Brunswick Canada

Store Locations:
Salmon Creek Convenience
Value Foods- Chipman NB
K.E.McElwain Ltd- Minto NB

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