Editorial Comments for the December eMagazine issue

Editorial Comments

Bob Hetherington | EarthToys

Editorial Comments
The December eMagazine covers topics including Solar Energy, Fuel Cell Technology, Waste to Energy systems, Supergreen Building Technology along with a few philosophical pieces that pose important questions about some of the more traditional energy sources that we depend on.
Editorial Comments
Bob Hetherington

Thanks for tuning in to the December eMagazine issue. We've been busy around here and have some new features that are almost ready for you to play with.

The first is a searchable Article Library which will contain all of the articles we've published since 2002. It's ready to go and we are just populating it with the data now. Look for it to be online mid December or sooner.

The second is our forums. I want to focus these discussions on Alternative Energy Solutions and the first to tackle will be Building an Autonomous House. I'm hoping that if I seed the discussions and ask the questions that you will share your expertise and experience so we can provide a knowledge base for current and future readers. Topics will be broken down into systems of the home such as The Potable Water System, The Building Site, The Heating System, The Electrical System etc. Look for this to hit the streets mid December. If you have ideas or would like to moderate a topic please let me know at news@earthtoys.com

This issue covers a nice range of topics as usual.

On the solar front we have GOING SOLAR IS THE MOST LOGICAL SOLUTION by Jose Radzinsky which gives a good example of how you can become an energy producer rather than an energy user. SUN SHINES ON DISASTER PLANNING by Wesley Astroth discusses how important it is for businesses to avoid being shut down by a power outage.

FuelCells.org sent over a nice FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY UPDATE with some of the latest advances.

In WASTE TODAY, GREEN ENERGY TOMORROW, Ed Mant over at Inetec has a fascinating article about how they are converting restaurant food waste to electricity. Astonishing how much waste there is and how useful it could be.

A scary scenario is discussed in DRAINING CANADA FIRST. I'm a Canadian and have been worried for some time about the use of natural gas to extract oil from the  tar  sands. Michael Vickerman of RENEW Wisconsin has some very valid arguments in his article.

I know ... NEW KIND OF "VICTORY GARDEN" sounds like a gardening article. Far from it. Obert Reslock discusses how we should get on the bandwagon and fight for renewable energy just like the people of the US did in planting Victory Gardens during World War II.

WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF DAMS is another great article from the folks at Sealnet.org. Jrgen Giesecke spells it all out for us and urges that we not just accept or reject Hydro Dams based on lack of understanding of their importance. Hydro Power is a clean energy source and water for agriculture is extremely important to the advancement and sustenance of our civilization.

On the Green Building topic, Chuck Steiner does a great job of defining SUPERGREEN BUILDINGS TECHNOLOGY and discusses a waste to energy process that his company has developed.

In SONTERRA GOES GREEN we discover how this large apartment complex is using 100% renewable energy. Also, did you know that RADIANT ELECTRIC FLOOR WARMING was not only extremely comfortable and luxurious but that it is a very efficient and clean way to heat your house?

And finally ... Kent Swanson talks about ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY YARD CARE.

Hope you enjoy the issue and please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to participate by writing your thoughts and ideas for a future issue'

Bob Hetherington - news@earthtoys.com

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