When Randy Nichols established Cinco Energy Services in 1989 he saw a need in the land industry for quality land services and a greater need for a way in which to harness the land information. Randy knew that he could present companies a better solution using intuitive land knowledge and current GIS technologies. The idea was a success and over the last two decades Cinco has proven itself as one of the top land service providers in the nation

What is a Landman?

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What is a Landman?
Landmen constitute the “on the ground” business side of Oil and Gas (mineral) as well as Renewable Energy development. For exploration, production and development teams, we seek qualified Landmen that are members of professional organizations, such as the AAPL (American Association of Professional Landmen), and abide by certain codes of conduct in their negotiation efforts. www.landman.org for more information.

Several specialties of Landmen that we, at Cinco, most commonly utilize are the following:

Company (In-House) Landmen negotiate deals and trades with other companies and individuals, draft contracts (and administer their compliance), acquire leases and ensure compliance with governmental regulations.

Independent field Landmen serve clients on a contract basis and are generally the industry’s contact with the public as they research courthouse records to determine ownership and prepare necessary reports, locate mineral/surface land owners and negotiate oil and gas/ renewable energy  leases and various other agreements, obtain necessary curative documents and conduct surface inspections before drilling.

Independent land consultants serve clients on a contract basis and much effort is directed to due diligence examinations required in the purchase and sale of companies and properties.

How long has Cinco Energy Services been in business?
Cinco Energy Services has been in business since 1989. Under the direction of Randy Nichols (President), Cinco has continually diversified its services to the growing energy community. Mr. Nichols is a CPL (Certified Professional Landman) and has served on numerous regional and national Landman boards and committees. Additionally, he has previously received the “Landman of the Year” award from his peers in the industry.

What general services does Cinco Energy provide?

Cinco offers an array of services including GIS mapping to our clients in the Oil and Gas, Renewable, Financial and ROW industries. Cinco has energy projects throughout the United States.  We provide title research, scouting, lease acquisition, contract negotiation, due diligence, project management, GIS, asset management, research and revenue recovery. Cinco has offices in Houston, Lafayette, Pittsburg and we are looking to open a new office in the Rocky Mountain area. More information about our services can be found at www.cincoland.com

What is “scouting”?
Scouting is the process by which we identify potential issues from a land, access and stakeholder perspective. In oil and gas development this would mainly consist of a “lease check” (who is leasing in the area, what land is available) and also what GIS data is available for use.  On the renewable side, we would also do a lease check but additional elements would be addressed as well. For example, what are local environmental concerns, who are the influential landowners, available installed transmission, access to roads/ bridges and zoning/ ordinance issues? In each case Cinco would utilize GIS for reporting and data management.

How does an Oil and Gas background help in Renewable Energy land acquisition/ leasing?
Having a staff of Landmen that have worked with in the Oil and Gas industry is a wonderful asset. Our teams are experienced in the details of mineral title where multiple owners exist in a variety of percentage ownerships of the sub surface rights. Mineral title, typically, is more detailed than surface ownership. Being both a renewable and oil and gas services provider, we can bring knowledge from both disciplines at points where the interests of the surface and sub surface owners may overlap. Additionally, we are well equipped to handle emerging issues and make recommendation on such issues as “wind severances” and accommodation doctrines from a landowner and leasing perspective.

Are you finding that the market for your services to the Renewable Energy sector is expanding in the U.S.?
All of our work for renewable development has been here in the states. We see that the industry as a whole is warming up to the idea of utilizing outside resources for the types of negotiation and technology services we provide. Much as the top tier oil and gas companies have internal land teams; they still need to supplement those groups with experienced outside professionals like Cinco. The renewable industry is beginning to see the effectiveness of bringing in Landmen to help bridge and facilitate, in a more thorough and effective way, the relationship and negotiation between companies and communities.

Where is the growth most noticeable?
From a green field development perspective we see lots of work in the Mid West.

Which segment of Renewable Energy is most active at this time (Solar, Wind, Geothermal etc.)?
Wind is always moving along but recently we have had more interest in both solar and geothermal development across the US.

Where do you think the next surge will take place?
Across the country in Rights of Way work for transmission build out.

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