InterSolar North America 2012 was held in San Francisco from July 10 - 12. Intersolar North America focuses on photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies. Exhibitors include PV cell, module and inverter manufacturers, components and mounting systems suppliers, manufacturing system suppliers, service companies as well as manufacturers of solar thermal applications including heating and cooling, among others. With 900 exhibitors and over 22,000 attendees expected, this years show will be one of the biggest Solar Industry tradeshows in North America. has put together a special tradeshow report highlighting some of the many great products showcased at this years show.

InterSolar North America 2012 - Tradeshow Report

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Schletter Inc - FS ECO

Schletter Inc., a leader in solar mounting systems, announces the release of the FS ECO, an all-steel ground mount system for photovoltaic (PV) applications designed for traditional south-facing installations as well as unique east-west oriented applications.

From a company which is known for providing some of the highest quality aluminum PV mounting systems, Schletter has applied decades of solar mounting experience to an entirely new product line, using all steel components. Based on the engineering advancements of the Schletter FS System, which is installed in many of the world’s largest PV installations, the new FS ECO steel mounting system provides a lower price point for clients looking for quality and affordability.





Quick Mount PV Flashed Tile Mounts

New from Quick Mount PV, the Quick Hook Curved Tile Mount and Quick Hook Flat Tile Mount are the first flashed tile hook mounts on the market. Engineered to Quick Mount PV's high standards for code-compliant, watertight mounting systems, both the curved and flat tile models use the same tile hook, which mates with the base. The Quick Hook Curved Tile Mount has an extra wide base allowing the installer to choose from multiple clearance holes for attachment of two lag screws to the rafter, and then a slot in the base enables the hook to slide to the perfect position to match the curve of the tile. Once positioned, the hook and base are secured with a set screw. Available this fall. See the Quick Hook Tile Mounts at Intersolar, booth 9135. 



Valentin Software, Inc. - PV*SOL basic 6.0

PV*SOL® basic 6.0 complements the existing PV*SOL®  programs from Valentin Software. It is a practical tool with an attractive modern interface and new intelligent inverter design for PV systems planning for one and two-family houses or small buildings.  PV*SOL®  basic 6.0 enables both beginners and professional planners to rapidly design and clearly  present the proposed PV system, including a yield forecast and financial analysis for the system. The menus and features in PV*SOL® basic 6.0 are adapted to the current needs and requirements of the PV industry.



Kipp & Zonen - Smart Pyranometer

Kipp & Zonen introduces a new generation of pyranometers.  Equipped with an extremely low power Smart Interface, the new SMP pyranometers offer industry standard digital and amplified analog outputs within the well-known CMP series housings. The output range is programmed so that all SMP pyranometers have identical sensitivities, allowing easy installation and exchange for recalibration. Serial communication allows access to measurement data, instrument status, operating parameters and calibration history. The Smart Interface also corrects for sources of inaccuracy inherent in thermopile pyranometers. Available as per January 2012.




SoloPower, Inc. - SFX3-i Curve

SoloPower is a San Jose, California-based manufacturer of high efficiency, lightweight, and flexible thin-film solar cells and modules, and recently introduced its next generation of integrated solar solutions. SoloPower’s solutions include six models of photovoltaic panels and three first-of-their-kind, easy, non-penetrating installation kits: the SoloSaddle, SoloWedge, and the SoloBridge, which increase application versatility while optimizing module performance for commercial and industrial rooftops worldwide.





Siemens - Sinvert PVM Ul Family of Solar Inverters

Designed for peak efficiency and maximum plant yields to convert solar energy into grid-compliant AC voltage for infeed into conventional power supply networks. The Sinvert PVM UL inverters are available in the range from 12 kW to 24 kW for small to medium sized plants in the commercial market, and are capable of delivering over 98 percent peak efficiency.  With PVM12 UL / PVM16 UL / PVM20 UL and PVM24 UL models, the Sinvert PVM UL inverters are well-suited for various applications, including commercial office buildings, public spaces, such as schools and municipal buildings, roofs of industrial buildings or ground-mounted plants. Capable of outputs for PV plants up to the megawatt range, these PVM UL inverters provide a high degree of economic efficiency over the entire life cycle of a grid-connected PV system.




Unirac - SolarMount (E)volution

SolarMount (E)volution’s average install speeds are faster than other system’s average speed by 15-30%.  • Universal design (two options fit all module sizes)
• Fewer stocking parts (fewer part numbers)
• Easy ordering (including bulk orders)
• Faster time to market
• Competitive pricing
• Industry-leading 20-year limited parts warranty





Trojan Battery Company has expanded its Industrial line offering of deep-cycle batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications to include two new sizes.  The new 2-volt additions are designed to make transport and installation of the batteries easier as well as offer more design flexibility for a variety of photovoltaic (PV) applications.  The new Industrial batteries include the IND27-2V model featuring a 1457Ah capacity at C20, and the IND33-2V version that offers a 1794 Ah capacity at C20.  The Industrial line is designed to support large daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly in a range of PV systems including micro-grids, off-grid resorts, rural telecom applications and more. 




Schneider Electric™ XC Series central inverters

Available for shipment in early 2012, the Schneider Electric XC Series is a new line of central inverters designed for high efficiency and flexibility for any PV panel type and installation. The XC series has peak efficiencies of 98.7%, and its flexibility allows the inverter to be configured with voltage and power outputs up to 680 kVA. In addition, the XC series is designed to allow for DC inputs up to 1000 Vdc for longer string lengths.






Leviton - Zero-Money-Down Rooftop Solar 

Leviton Solar has entered the zero-money-down home rooftop solar market.  Leviton Solar installs a fully engineered home solar system customized for each home in just one day. Leviton Solar handles the whole process so homeowners do not have to deal with building inspectors, contractors, and utility companies.  The solar panels Leviton Solar installs use a parallel system architecture, rather than the obsolete series system design that characterizes many of the residential solar systems installed in recent years.




OutBack Power Technologies - AXS Port Modbus/TCP Interface

Many renewable systems depend on on-site personnel to troubleshoot equipment and actively monitor and maintain operations. The AXS Port Modbus/TCP Interface makes it possible to remotely monitor and control an energy system by communicating with networked key system components. With the AXS Port Interface, users can securely access an OutBack Power system anywhere in the world via an Ethernet connection using Modbus Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  Compliance standards are an important asset for telecommunications worldwide; however, comparable standards for remote communication to solar power systems are not in place. OutBack Power is helping drive standardization with the AXS Port, a SunSpec compliant device. The SunSpec Alliance is an industry coalition formed to establish global interoperability among  renewable energy components by defining open interface standards, allowing plug-and-play operation between components and management systems. OutBack Power’s commitment to incorporating standardization will drive the industry to provide reliable energy service and cost savings for customers to remotely respond to changing energy conditions, identify processes where efficiency is lost and actively manage energy storage charging.



Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Kit 

Installers can save time and close more deals with Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Kit™, a pre-configured, pre-sized PV system that can be delivered right to the job site. The Diamond Kit is designed for quick and easy installation and features Mitsubishi Electric's premier black frame MLU 255 watt solar modules, engineered for high output and reliability.
The Diamond Kit comes in four sizes: 3.0kW, 5.1kW, 7.6kW, and 10.2kW, with eight configurations, and is compatible with most roof types. The kit includes a choice of the high-yield Fronius inverter, or the SolarEdge Power Optimizer Inverter System, which offers module-level monitoring for cost efficient maintenance and up to 25% more energy due to mismatch and shading mitigation. AET's durable racking system with integrated grounding is included in all kits. For added convenience, the Diamond Kit comes with sample permitting documents, including structural and electrical line and wiring drawings, along with complete installation and owner's manuals.



PanelClaw - Kodiak Bear Solar Mounting System

PanelClaw announced the addition of the Kodiak Bear™ FR flat roof solar mounting system to its portfolio of ballasted systems. Available in 15- and 20-degree tilt angles, Kodiak Bear features maximum factory integration, integrated wire management, and multiple row-spacing options for increased energy production.
Among Kodiak Bear's advancements is a highly engineered ballast block exclusive to the system. The 8,000psi concrete block, manufactured to rigorous quality standards, is designed for optimal freeze-thaw resistance and secure stacking. Its durability and precision will ease system deployment from design through commissioning.






Anderson Power Products - Solar SPEC Pak® 

APP's Solar SPEC Pak® is the first multi-pin connector to meet the photovoltaic industry requirements specified in UL 6703A, passing the same harsh environmental tests used to qualify solar panels.
Solar SPEC Pak® has power handling capabilities up to 1000 volts and features a locking latch that complies with NEC 2008 section 690.33(C) requirements. Designed for wire to wire and wire to panel applications, Solar SPEC Pak® is capable of handling up to 4 individual lines which reduces the number of traditional connectors needed in solar applications, minimizing the amount of space needed while lowering installation costs.
The Solar SPEC Pak®, IP68 rated shell has a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 and a weatherability rating of F1 per UL 746C. The housing is touch-safe per UL 1977 when used with Fingerproof Powerpole® housing and has a temperature range of -40° to 105°C (-40° to 221°F).



Siliken - energyBox

EnergyBox, a PV system that offers more than 100 structural solutions for the design of any type of residential and industrial rooftops. The kit is scalable and therefore allows covering any rooftop size by connecting several energyBoxes.
Developing the energyBox, Siliken selected each element to ensure the best performance, which results in a fully optimised system, both electrically and mechanically. The kit includes all of the necessary components for any residential and industrial rooftop PV installation, such as modules, structure, inverters as well as electrical components (AC/DC connection boxes, counter, cables, and connectors).
Siliken also developed an online configuration tool with which fitters themselves design and optimise rooftop installations, using the energyBox kit.



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