We had a chance to talk to some of the folks representing their companies at the show to find out why they go and what they do.

Solar Power International - Some Perspectives

Interviews with | Kerry Rudd of JoyceDayton, Melanie Cullen of Blue Sky Energy
Mark Cerasuolo of Outback Power, Ann Pattison of Lufft USA

What is it about Solar Power International that puts it on your list of trade shows to exhibit at? 

Kerry: It is the largest domestic show for Solar Porducts.

Melanie: We have found that this show best represent both our competitors and customers for off grid markets. Other shows are more conference oriented or cater mostly to grid tie markets.

Anne: The huge variety of attendees gives us opportunity to share our products with broad audience. SPI appeals to large vertically intergraded companies as well as the small contractor. Lufft’s customers make up both of these. The Lufft weather products are useful for many different applications within solar. At SPI we are easily able to visit many of our customers and expand the industries knowledge of our products. 

What is the main goal of your SPI booth and presence at the show?

Kerry: Visibility to potential customers and networking with others from the industry.

Melanie: Our main goal is to attract new customers and also further educate present ones on our products and introduce new products.

Mark: At this show it is industry presence, introducing new products and promotions, lead generation, press exposure, and international sales support.Mark: 

Anne: To have a place for our customers to meet us and develop new interest for our products. 

Do you bring employees to SPI for purposes other than to man the booth? 

Kerry: Yes, we bring a portion of our technical staff to the show because it offers a good opportunity for exposure to customers, to the industry and it offers training opportunities..

Melanie: We do not bring employees as we as the principals of the company prefer to receive the direct feed back from our customers and new customers.
Mark: We bring our technical support group and applications engineers in order to provide customers and specifyers at the show with on-site access to this resource.
Anne: We are a small company so each employee is critical to our mission. 

Which other trade shows do you attend and at which ones do you exhibit?

Kerry: We attend Intersolar NA and SNEC China

Melanie: None other than Distributor sponsored shows.

Mark: We exhibit at Intersolar both in North America and Europe.  We support a wide variety of distributor and training events around the country, as well as industry shows from South America to Australia. 

Anne: Lufft has another market focus on transportation weather so we will attend those shows. We also will be attending exhibitions involving agriculture.

Any exciting new products or announcements for this year’s show? 


Kerry: Joyce/Dayton continues to offer innovative designs and to customize standard products to effectively meet solar requirements at competitive prices.

Did you know that Joyce solar actuators and motorized jacks are used to reliably track the sun on six continents? More and more customers are relying on the full line of solar jacks and actuators Joyce provides to deliver high quality service year after year.

Stop by the Joyce/Dayton booth (#3110) at the 2013 Solar Power International (SPI) Trade Show, October 21-24 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Talk to us about your tracking requirements. Let us put our years of experience in the solar industry to work for you.

Whether you are responsible for large-scale utility installations, or smaller-scale commercial installations, we can deliver quality products, engineered for your needs. When you work with Joyce/Dayton you will share a partnership with the most skilled engineers and designers focused on helping you meet your challenges.

When you think of Joyce think – Proven Quality – Expert Engineers - Great Service – Competitive Prices. Call, email, or come see us.  We have been helping customers succeed since 1873.





Melanie: SPI is a great venue to promote new products. This year we are showcasing our new SB3000i MPPT solar charge controller. Our SB3000i is a full featured 30 amp, 12V charge controller with 60 cell module capability. It is perfect for the RV or Marine enthusiaste that wants MPPT charging with a built in digital display providing a host of great information regarding solar charging. In addition, the product includes load control and will be attractive to industrial clients that need a larger charging system for applications such as lighting control. 

Blue Sky Energy








Mark: Several, we have expanded the Radian family of advanced Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers with a new GS-8048A model for North America and elsewhere, this along with the recently-launched GS-7048E international version means that Radian-class inverters can be used nearly anywhere on the planet.

Outback Power









Anne: Yes! Lufft USA is coming out with a new Smart Weather sensor that integrates a Kipp and Zonen CMP11 solar radiation sensor. This is a high quality, high accuracy sensor that is a “first class” pyranometer. WE also will be displaying some integrated products from a few of our partners in the industry. 

Lufft USA







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