10 finalist companies presented their ideas on the last day of the Solar Power International 2013 (Oct. 23).

Solar Power International 2013: Start-Up Alley Challenge

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What is it?

Start-Up Alley is a new, featured show floor area at Solar Power International that will bring up-and-coming companies to the Expo Hall to showcase what's on the horizon for the solar industry. Based on other successful programs of this type, Start-Up Alley will further enhance the cutting-edge nature of SPI’s offerings, and offer start-up companies the support, visibility, and access to industry leaders that can lead to a solid footing in the solar energy business.

10 finalist companies presented their ideas on the last day of the Solar Power International 2013 (Oct. 23). 

The Winner:

Green Energy Engineering Cheaper? How?

GreenLancer has broken down the green energy project development process and turned each step in the process into a standardized, predefined, technical document that can be ordered online. When a customer orders a technical document through GreenLancer’s secure e-commerce portal,  our proprietary cloud-based platform mobilizes teams of specialized green energy experts. Through a systematic workflow, standardized processes, and predefined technical documents, GreenLancer  has succeeded at significantly reducing the soft costs associated with developing green energy projects... (promo video)(official site)

9 other finalists:

Compare hundreds of Solar Installers at once across the nation... (official site)

Faze1 provides the residential and commercial solar PV market with unique and actionable consumer intelligence. No other platform provides sales and marketing teams with a single resource to identify willing and able prospects with the click of a button. The core of our services is fundamentally built upon data aggregation, site suitability, and predictive analytics... (official site)

kWh Analytics makes solar affordable for all by attacking solar's biggest problem: The high cost of capital.
Backed by the industry's largest independent aggregation of solar asset data, kWh Analytics enables investors to confidently deploy more capital with lower risk... (official site)

Lights For Learning is a UK charity based in Cricklade, Wiltshire. We build solar powered lighting that we install in places of education. We work mainly in areas of the world where artificial lighting is impossible or hard to obtain. The benefits positively impact entire communities in which these schools or clinics are based... (official site)

develops and delivers unique programs and systems in sustainability benchmarking, renewable energy and e-mobility... (official site)

Solar Exchange simplifies the buying and selling of goods for the solar industry through its cloud-based commerce platform which automates the transaction process for sales and procurement professionals up and down the solar value chain. Since its launch in September, the company has more than $51 million in posted content on its website... (official site)

Need Help Quoting a Solar Project?
Then let Solar Site Design help. We all know that the cost of solar panels and other equipment have plummeted, but the soft costs of projects remain sky high (sometimes as much as 60% of the project!). Roofers and electrical contractors are the solar installers of the future. By tapping into their existing database of hundreds (in many cases, thousands) of customers, they can significantly reduce the pain point of the solar industry - soft costs... (official site)

SolarCast, LLC manufactures a Mobile Power Platform Product using Renewable Energy Power Sources. SolarCast, LLC is also a developer of Renewable Energy Projects including consulting, design, engineering, operation, project management and commissioning/testing services... (official site)

Ultrasolar Technology increases the baseline energy output by boosting power density for residential, commercial, and utility solar arrays. This results in an improved return on investment and reduced cost of ownership. By harvesting heat and maximizing the energy output of each individual module, UST’s revolutionary solution addresses a growing need to generate maximum KWH with today's solar installations... (official site)

Runners up:

  • Aeos Technology
  • Altium Energy
  • LimeLight Solar
  • QuickSolar
  • Skysun, LLC
  • SolarZentrum North America, Inc.
  • Sun Synchrony
  • Tangerine+
  • Weave
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