Wind engineers are in heavy demand as Wind Energy becomes a stable source for alternative energy. Our research explored salary levels for Wind Engineers across the US and key employers.

Wind Engineers Salary & Employer Trends

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Wind engineers are in heavy demand as Wind Energy becomes a stable source for alternative energy. Our research explored salary levels for Wind Engineers across the US and key employers. The chart of Wind Engineers salaries indicates the highest salaries in San Francisco & New York at about $140,000 each Austin being the lowest at $97,000. The median salaries was in Chicago & Houston at $123,000 & $116,000 respectively.

List of Employers hiring Wind Engineers is available on Pansop.

Some examples are given below:


AWS Truepower – Wind Plant Performance Engineer - Albany, NY

AWS Truepower is seeking a Wind Plant Performance Engineer to join our Consulting Services group located in the United States. This position will focus in analyzing SCADA data, benchmark performance based on realized wind & other conditions, identify causes of lost time/energy, and implement corrective actions that could yield positive returns on investment. Specific duties will include analysis of SCADA data to assess performance, review key performance indicators of existing plants under the guidance of senior staff, and the eventual preparation of plant performance reports. 


GE Power & Water Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Engineer – Greenville, SC

Lead innovative technology and design programs to increase wind turbine power output through blade design and wind plant optimization. Simulate wind plant aerodynamics and optimize turbine design and operation for minimizing wake losses and turbine interactions. Develop and validate new methods for optimizing and measuring farm level power output. Develop and refine advanced wind turbine blade designs for high performance and low noise. Interact with blade structural designers and other wind system engineers to provide input for new wind turbine blade designs


Vestas- Engineer, Wind and Site – Portland, OR

This position is responsible for developing project/customer specific technical and commercial solutions in support of Wind Power Systems business development within Vestas-American Wind Technology Inc. This includes providing direct support on the determination, development, and presentation of solutions to Vestas customers up to, during and following the completion of sales agreements.


Zoltak, Wind Energy & Development – Saint Peters, MO

The Engineer – Wind Energy and Development will provide technical service and assistance for Zoltek's Wind Energy applications. While Wind Energy will provide the primary focus, the candidate could be asked to support other growing business areas such as automotive, civil infrastructure, and oil exploration.  To this end, the candidate must be willing to take a hands-on approach to the position.  The Engineer will report to the Director, New Product Applications.


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