Solar Power PV Conference & Expo 2016 will be held from February 24th - 25th in Boston. This AltEnergyMag - Special Tradeshow Coverage of Solar Power PV Conference & Expo

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Solar Power PV Conference & Expo (formerly PV America) is all about PV solar solutions. With a regional focus, PV Conference & Expo brings together manufacturers and service providers with professionals interested in the technologies, innovations, research, and policy that is driving the PV industry today and into the future.

PV Conference & Expo is produced by SEIA and SEPA. Unlike other solar conferences, all proceeds from PV Conference & Expo support the expansion of the U.S. PV solar energy market through both associations’ year-round research and education activities, and through SEIA’s advocacy, research and communications efforts.

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At Solar Power PV Conference & Expo:

Keynote and Opening Session - Peter Boyd, Founder & CEO of Time4Good

February 24th - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Here are a few of the Educational Sessions:  Click here for the full schedule:
Community Solar: Making it Work for Utilities and Their Partners
February 24th - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Community solar is an emerging solution to expand solar access to the 50% of Americans without solar-ready roofs. The issue is getting a lot of attention right now. Join us to explore a number of different models, for example: What does community solar look like for a deregulated wired only investor owned utility? For a vertically integrated investor owned utility? For municipals and co-ops? This session will discuss what utilities, and those working with them, need to know to make community solar work for them.


Storage + Solar = Synergy

February 25th - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Energy Storage and Solar power augment the value of both technologies and create a more responsive, resilient energy system. This session will look at the value proposition of co-locating and combining these two technologies in both the residential and commercial sectors, as well as the implications for grid distribution and wholesale markets of increased deployment.


The Investment Tax Credit Extend! What is Means for the Solar Industry and How You Can Help Protect It
February 25th - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Thanks to a huge group effort led by SEIA, the Congress has extended the Investment Tax Credit until 2021. Find out what this ITC extension means for the solar industry and how you can help protect the ITC from Washington forces who oppose the ITC. All participants interested in getting a leg up on how the federal government could impact their business must-attend this session!

Visit Sponsors at the show:

 EagleView Technologies

EagleView Technologies offers Pictometry® Intelligent Images® and analytical tools for accurate pre-contract assessment. After the sale, EagleView Solar Roof Reports provide detailed measurements and CAD files for precise solar installation.

Other Exhibitors:
AllEarth Renewables, Inc
EcoFasten Solar®
OutBack Power
Quick Mount PV
Roof Tech
Solar FlexRack
SolarEdge Technologies

Click here for the Full list of Exhibitors:

Here are some Press releases from Solar Power PV Conference & Expo:

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