The technology we are developing, called zeroXess, will provide electricity, lighting and Internet connectivity to rural, off-grid, underdeveloped areas throughout the world.

Addressing Energy Poverty Globally and Profitably. Powerstorm ESS

Christine Spisto | Powerstorm Energy Storage Solutions


The Issue

Consider this dark scenario right now:  over 95% of people without access to modern energy live in Sub-Saharan Africa, or developing Asia.  1.3 billion have no access to electricity and even worse – 3.6 billion have no access to communication, education and healthcare.  

Can you imagine living this way?  If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing not because the lack of exposure to energy poverty here in the US can render many of us oblivious.  

Now consider this much brighter scenario:  powered by private investment, transformative partnerships, collaboration with synergistic companies, foundations and non-profits, mobile network operators and entrepreneurs, the economies of underdeveloped regions can grow dynamically.  The driving force:  electrification powers connectivity.  Connectivity powers knowledge.  Knowledge powers social and economic progress.  

Access to communication, education, healthcare and the ability to earn a decent living can bring hundreds of millions of new consumers into the global marketplace, promoting prosperity around the world.  People in underdeveloped countries can gain a new and more optimistic norm of interaction, leading to new possibilities and outcomes.  

Now both of these scenarios are possible.  However, the one that will occur will ultimately be decided primarily on two important factors:  the unwavering optimism and unrelenting determination of organizations to come together and invest in the world’s poorest markets.  


Our Main Focus

Powerstorm ESS, located in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA is a global humanitarian technology company whose mission is to improve lives, connect people and eliminate energy inequality.  Our company sees promise where others see only problems.  This has resulted in our efforts to build a complete, next-generation, renewable, solar-powered energy storage and communication solution for rural, off-grid nations.  Our vision:  Electrification powers connectivity.  Connectivity powers knowledge.  Knowledge powers social and economic progress.     

Our Technology and Features

The technology we are developing, called zeroXess, will provide electricity, lighting and Internet connectivity to rural, off-grid, underdeveloped areas throughout the world.  Better described as a platform, zeroXess will offer:
  • A compact, powerful, lightweight body for convenient portability and unique “plug in” modular design

  • A large, easy-to-read 10” screen, making it easy to detect, control and monitor light, communication, weather, power and indoor air quality threats

  • A 60-watt solar panel that will power a unique, long-lasting, cobalt-free lithium-ion battery (a FIRST in the energy storage and communication industry)  

  • Six USB ports that can power phone and other connected devices to talk, browse and gain knowledge

  • Four LED light fixtures that will bring the power of sunlight indoors enabling reading and writing at night


Empowering Benefits

zeroXess will eliminate the use of kerosene lamps, which release toxic fumes inside the homes of rural communities, killing millions of people each year.  The four LED fixtures will allow safe illumination so that children can study after the sun goes down, enabling universal education. Our technology will also contain an indoor air quality sensor, which will monitor all levels of organic chemicals and pollutants, as well as the silent killer – carbon dioxide pollution.  zeroXess will also facilitate the delivery of basic health services; boost economic growth by enabling mobile money and micro finance; allow farmers to stay abreast of local agricultural services; and accelerate critical communication between affected populations and the international community (disaster relief).  

Powerstorm ESS will aggressively seek to implement immediate accessibility to the following immediate areas:

  • e-Learning

  • m-Health

  • Clean cooking

  • Indoor air quality sensing


By stimulating this kind of development, organizations with imagination and true vision like Powerstorm ESS can dramatically improve the lives of billions of people, in a multibillion-dollar marketplace and help create a more stable, prosperous and safe world.


The End Result

We need to focus on improving the conditions of people everywhere.  United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan reminded us of this as he accepted the 2001 Nobel Peace prize: “Today’s real borders are not between nations, but between powerful and powerless, free and fettered, privileged and humiliated.  We must focus, as never before, on improving the conditions of the individual men and women who give the state, or nation its richness and character, recognizing that saving one life is to save humanity itself.”

To that end, our company’s goal is to develop clean, green, solar-powered energy and communication solutions that will create a new bond between people everywhere, linking us all in a way that never existed before.  If we meet this test, we respond to the challenge put forth by Kofi Annan, which results in:

  • Power for ALL people

  • Saving lives

  • Ending child labor

  • Reactivating hope


Calling All Investors and Innovative Organizations!

Here are some interesting statistics:  rural Africa’s solar market is estimated to surge to $30 billion by 2025.  75 million solar energy systems will be needed there by 2024.  This means that 300 companies, each producing 250,000 systems will ALL have a place in the market.  By 2025, annual consumption in underdeveloped markets will reach $30 trillion – the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism.

Investors and innovative organizations have long been obsessed with developing markets and for good reason.  While growth was once the main objective, today’s imperative is fast growth and there are fewer better ways to achieve this than getting into these new multibillion-dollar markets first. In fact, many forward-thinking organizations (i.e., entrepreneurial types as well as large established enterprises) are already serving poor populations in ways that generate strong revenues, lead to greater operating efficiencies and uncover new sources of innovation.  For the companies that do and those who follow their lead, there are enormous business benefits and profits to be gained by entering underdeveloped markets, enhancing their own prosperity in the process.


Join Us in Empowering the Powerless!

Today we are crossing a threshold of access.  What was once available only to the rich is now becoming available to the poorest.   

To gear up for the challenges, as well as the humanitarian and business opportunities that lie ahead, securing access to funding will be the most effective way to accelerate entrepreneurship.  However, while it is difficult to obtain financing in underdeveloped countries, Powerstorm ESS believes that with their zeroXess technology, the involvement of the Western World, utilizing smart leadership, the creation of transformative partnerships as well as joint ventures, we can fast-forward the growth of entrepreneurship ownership. To that end, we embrace the support and backing of any and all organizations who prove imaginative and daring enough to seize new and fresh opportunities.

Powerstorm ESS welcomes strategic, transformational partnerships with mobile network operators, non-profit organizations, corporations and foundations.  Our management has well-established relationships in emerging markets, which allows us direct access to our target markets.

Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy is critical for healthy living and the ability to earn a decent living.  Sadly, though, a major portion of the world’s population does not share in this good fortune.  


Let’s not wait for change…let’s drive it!

For more information on Powerstorm ESS, our technology and how you/your organization can help us in empowering the powerless, contact Christine Spisto, VP of Marketing Communications/Public Relations at (424) 327-2991, or visit our website at
About Christine Spisto

Christine Spisto is presently the VP of Marketing Communications/Public Relations for Powerstorm Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), located in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.  She has over 25 years of Marketing Communications, PR and Technical Writing experience for organizations in all stages of growth and for a wide variety of companies.  Industries in which Christine has worked include computer hardware and software; marine and land mobile radio/electronics; wireless, satellite and broadband; environmental, aerospace/defense, telecommunications, toy and energy storage and communications.

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