Booth #11 - The MultiWave high-frequency inverter/charger, which is a breakthrough in power conversion technology by providing the surge capability and stability of a low-frequency inverter with the agility and efficiency of a high frequency design.

Q&A with Morningstar, The NABCEP Continuing Education Conference

Contributed by | Morningstar Corporation

Your company will be presenting at NABCEP CE Conference, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

 NABCEP brings the leading installation professionals together completely focused on improving their skills, which makes it a singularly important event for a solar manufacturer specializing in components for engineered systems.  We’re able to present new products and demonstrate the uses for existing ones in new, market-driven applications, and since Morningstar has a strong international presence we’re able to bring back lessons learned around the globe that may be useful in North America. 


What can an attendee to your presentation expect to learn this year?

We have two.  They are

  1. A new approach to advanced energy storage.  Morningstar Corporation has teamed up with leading lithium battery brands to create Energy Storage Partners, a program that enables installers to quickly and easily plan new systems or upgrade existing ones with more advanced energy storage.  The program, which is free to qualified installers, provides access to all necessary charging settings in advance—eliminating much of the calculating and guesswork that often goes with bringing lithium batteries into the business mix.  Installers will learn how to more easily and confidently specify lithium batteries into new systems and drop them into existing ones.
  2. Breakthroughs in power conversion and charging technology
    Morningstar’s MultiWave high-frequency inverter/charger represents the next-generation in power conversion technology, combining low-frequency stability and surge capability with the proven advantages of high-frequency design: lighter weight for easier installation, and more agile and efficient electronics.  It is expandable with add-on modules for generator operation, relay controls, advanced battery functions and more. MultiWave also has superior charging capability, making it an ideal platform for use with advanced batteries including lithium types.


Any new or recently released products you will be showcasing?

The MultiWave high-frequency inverter/charger, which is a breakthrough in power conversion technology by providing the surge capability and stability of a low-frequency inverter with the agility and efficiency of a high frequency design.  It’s a complementary product to our battery program, since the MultiWave inverter/charger has features and capabilities uniquely applicable to advanced energy storage, specifically lithium batteries.


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?

The latest in energy storage technologies and systems.  We’ll be looking at applications for our products.  Areas in which we are a “reference standard” include oil & gas production, small residential, rural electrification, and RV/marine.  But we have integrators now using our products in everything from advanced fuel-cell systems to security monitoring at nuclear facilities.  So we’re interested in other potential fits for our technology and reliability. Educational sessions pertaining to trends in off-grid solar applications, inverters, batteries and remote monitoring are always of interest to us.  


How about Panel sessions, do you intend to sit in on any of these this year?  

We’ll try and attend the ones most focused on energy storage and also communications protocols such as:

  • Codes and Standards: Major Updates: Structural, Fire, and Electrical Codes & Standards
  • Energy Storage - Grid Independence: System design considerations, product selection, setup & ongoing maintenance expectations for grid-independent residential to microgrid-scale battery-based systemsrids – How to Build the Next Generation of Grid Independent Environments
  • O & M: PV System Operations and Maintenance
    Business Strategies: Building your business to meet and exceed customer expectations  


When you book for an event like this what are your expectations and what does your company hope to accomplish at the event?

NABCEP is different from other events.  It is not a trade show as such and we don’t approach it as one.  We’re there to learn as well as help instruct, and the element of productive two-way communication is one of the main reasons we find great value in attending. The exchange of information with the qualified solar professionals attending our own sessions is invaluable, and we often get new product insights from that.  When we return from NABCEP and look back on the event, it’s more about what we’ve learned and can use going forward rather than the lead collection and selling emphasis at other venues.



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