RoyPow All-in-One residential energy storage system is a flexible energy storage solution due to its modular feature, meaning the battery module can be stacked for 5.1 kWh to 40.8 kWh capacities according to individual needs, suitable for mainstream residential rooftops.

RoyPow All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System
RoyPow All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System

Q&A with Changjun Wang | RoyPow Technology Co., Ltd.

Can you tell us more about your company and its background in the energy industry?

RoyPow is a global company dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of Lithium-ion Battery Systems as one-stop solutions.

With more than 20 years of combined experience manufacturing renewable energy and battery systems, RoyPow provides Lithium-ion Batteries for Low-Speed Vehicles such as golf carts, personnel carriers, industrial batteries for use in Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts, aerial work platforms and floor cleaning machines as well as renewable Energy Storage Systems for residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle-mounted and marine applications.

RoyPow has established a worldwide network to serve customers with a manufacturing center in China and subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, Japan, the UK, Australia, and South Africa to date.


What inspired your company to develop a one-stop residential energy storage system, and what benefits does it offer to homeowners?

We saw a growing demand from homeowners for more sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. Our one-stop residential energy storage system provides homeowners with a reliable and efficient way to store and manage energy, allowing them to save money on energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint and enjoy a comfortable quality life.

What are the application scenarios of RoyPow residential energy storage solution?

  • Increase self-using proportion - Electricity is supplied by PV during daytime and by battery at night to be independent/less dependent to the power grid.
  • Bi-directional energy storage - Solar energy storage + using the battery for tariffs peak shaving or as backup power supply.
  • Supply power under complete off grid condition - Working as an off-grid system, providing power to critical loads.
  • UPS application - <10 ms switch time


Can you talk about the technical specifications? How does RoyPow residential energy storage system differ from other solutions currently on the market?

RoyPow All-in-One residential energy storage system is a flexible energy storage solution due to its modular feature, meaning the battery module can be stacked for 5.1 kWh to 40.8 kWh capacities according to individual needs, suitable for mainstream residential rooftops in various countries. Our energy storage system has a high power of up to 15 kW, and an efficiency rating of 98.5%. Our system is designed to be more efficient and cost-effective than other energy storage solutions on the market. It is also more reliable, with advanced safety features and a long lifespan with warranty up to 10 years. The high-power battery is a true whole-home solution, able to backup larger home appliances like air conditioners, washer/dryers, and pool pumps.


Give us an idea on the installation process for the RoyPow residential energy storage system?  Is this something a homeowner can do or does it require a licensed professional?

RoyPow's residential energy storage system offers easy installation with its modular  design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. However, to create an off-grid energy system, it needs to be connected to the grid or solar panels and installed in compliance with local standards. Safety and compliance are vital, so we strongly recommend hiring a licensed electrician to handle the installation.

In support of our customers, RoyPow has established long-term partnerships with licensed local contractors who can assist with the installation. It's optional for customers to utilize their services to address all installation issues. 

What do you mean "smart energy management" of RoyPow solutions?

RoyPow energy storage solutions help homeowners manage their energy storage systems intelligently and easily as the intuitive APP management allows for real-time monitoring and comprehensive visualization of battery power flow, energy production and consumption. The multi-terminal compatibility & sharing, customized report, backup function & data encryption functions ensure maximum yields at the same time. Homeowners will also have access to remote off software update services.


You recently made your North American debut at Intersolar.  Can you share with us the feedback and response you received from that show?

We have received lots of positive feedbacks from the show. They like the modular and all-in-one design, which looks modern and fashionable. They are also interested in the large capacity and high power of our system, and impressed with our strength to establish three offices and warehouses in the United States.

What advice would you give to homeowners who are interested in adopting renewable energy and energy storage solutions for their homes, and how can they best navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape?

We would advise homeowners to do their research and choose a reputable and experienced energy provider that can help them navigate the rapidly evolving energy landscape. It is also important to understand the benefits and limitations of different energy solutions, and to choose the one that best meets their individual needs and budget. And RoyPow is a good choice.




About Changjun Wang
Changjun Wang, Product Director at RoyPow Technology. He has been deeply engaged in the field of photovoltaic, energy storage and renewable energy for nearly 15 years. He has served as R&D manager, product manager/director of well-known listed companies in renewable energy industry.


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