If you look at standing seam mounts on the market, none of them include the L-foot as part of the mount. They require the installer to source, purchase, transport, then finally attach the L-Foot to the underlying mount.

QuickBOLT's Newest Mount for Standing Seam Metal Roofs
QuickBOLT's Newest Mount for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

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Tell us about your product and what you feel sets it apart from similar products.

The Throne (17747) is our newest mount and it is designed for Standing Seam metal roofs. The integrated L-Foot is the most significant difference between The Throne and other standing seam mounts on the market.

This simple design choice makes the Throne the easiest mount to use from start-to-finish, saving installers minutes per mount, and hours per job.

Tell us about the R&D behind this product.  Who is this product designed for?  What problem is it solving?

If you look at standing seam mounts on the market, none of them include the L-foot as part of the mount. They require the installer to source, purchase, transport, then finally attach the L-Foot to the underlying mount. It’s an unnecessary burden to place on people and their businesses.

So the R&D was simple – installer after installer said they couldn’t really identify the actual benefits of a separate L-Foot. That was our first design choice. The next was to improve the connection point between the mount and the roof. Most seam-clamping mounts use some sort of set screw or pin to engage the roof, but this can lead to weakening that connection point if the fasteners are overdriven.

We added a protective plate that when pushed by the set screws engages the roof with the same strength and zero risk of penetrating the standing seam. The final design choice was to add cross-knurling to the plate that provides additional grip.


Give us an idea on the installation process.

Installation is simple – identify your mounting points, place the mounts, drive the set screws, then move onto attaching the rail with T-Bolts.


How is your company setup to support the users of your products 

People using our products can get them nationwide from our network of solar distributors, or by purchasing directly from our e-commerce website. The website has datasheets, install videos, product flyers for homeowners – everything and anything an installer might need to use QuickBOLT mounts regardless of where they purchase them from.

What feedback have you received from the field?  Can you share a use case and the results?

We’ve heard from customers that the Throne has saved them the headache of a second step when mounting to standing seam roofs. Customers in vastly different climates like California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida have experienced the benefits of the Throne since they began using it.


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QuickBOLT is known for their patented Microflashing® and BoltSeal™ powered mounting solutions, and have been working with solar installers for nearly a decade to make solar installation easier than ever before. Today, QuickBOLT has a wide range of innovative products for mounting solar panels onto residential roofs. QuickBOLT can produce custom products from start to finish in 60 days and are continually working with installers to deliver the exact products needed for any type of roof.

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