Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Understanding the Zero-emissions Automobile Industry

To support both the requirements for a scalable EU battery supply chain, and a reduction in whole lifecycle carbon emissions, greater knowledge of the possibilities and realities of battery recycling is critical.

Harnessing the Flow of Battery Energy Storage Systems

The volatility of renewable prices and sourcing requires reliable storage solutions. One proven method is megawatt-level BESS and demand, stabilizing grids, preventing renewable energy waste, and encouraging innovation.

Addressing Fire Suppression Needs for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The threat from ICE vehicle fires and filling stations is well known and documented. But what we do not know yet is the level of hazard that will accompany so many vehicles being charged all over the world.

Predictive Model Could Improve Hydrogen Station Availability

With relatively few choices, motorists who rely on hydrogen must be confident their needed fuel is available. Station operators must make any necessary repairs to meet the demands of consumers, but they also must investigate the causes of any failures to avoid future problems.

EnerVenue Launches the Next Generation of its Energy Storage Vessels™ (ESVs)

With significant increases to energy capacity, density, and power-as well as improved monitoring intelligence and temperature performance-the new ESVs offer an even more advantageous stationary storage solution

UbiQD Expands Collaboration with First Solar on Quantum Dot-Enhanced Solar Modules

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanoparticles that exhibit high efficiency photoluminescence over a wide range of tunable colors, making them effective at optimizing light spectra.

Li-Cycle Starts Operations at its First European Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Facility, One of the Largest on the Continent

Germany Spoke is the largest in Li-Cycle's portfolio and expected to sustainably process up to 30,000 tonnes of lithium-ion battery material per year. The first of two main lines has commenced operations with the technology to process full electric vehicle battery packs

Comau is developing innovative battery cell formation solutions with the GIGABAT project

Comau will be developing an energy efficient cell formation chamber as part of its work with GIGABAT, a pan-European initiative aimed a supporting the sustainable and ecological transition towards e-Mobility.


The Industry's Strong Circular Economy Keeps 160 Million Batteries from Landfills Annually; Creates Near-Zero Waste Model of Sustainability

A More Sustainable Energy Storage Future Lies Beyond Lithium-Ion

Three fast-maturing energy storage technologies are the front-running candidates for meeting the stationary energy storage market's sustainability goals going forward.

Looking Forward at the Future of EV Battery Development

I believe silicon will play a big role in the battery development industry. Several companies are currently working on silicon anode materials, each with their own unique approach to the technology.


PCE, also known as chemical milling or photo etching, is a subtractive manufacturing process that utilizes a combination of light-sensitive photoresist, chemicals, and precision etching to produce intricate components with high accuracy and repeatability.

Five Reasons Construction Jobsites are Going Electric

As electric vehicles continue to be more widely adopted by consumers, all that's left to do is examine - and try to accurately determine -how the construction industry should prepare for the technology to become fully mainstream in the not-too-distant future.

Ultimate Guide to Battery Aging - How to Prevent Aging in Battery Energy Storage Systems

It's a priority for many transportation and energy service providers to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their batteries. By better understanding battery aging we can learn how to prolong the lifespan of batteries.

Comau Is Developing A Fully Automated System For Sustainable Battery Recycling And Second-Life Repurposing

Flex-BD is a robotized system that automates the entire process of dismantling worn-out electric batteries using a highly flexible, repeatable and standardizable process.

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