O3 Energy is Paving the Way for Development and Expansion of Commercial Solar Opportunities in the US Territory of Guam and the Marianas Islands

The company has worked closely with the government and industry partners on future plans for renewable energy expansion on the island.

Over the past 2 years O3 Energy has been working in the US Territory of Guam on the development of solar projects. With ongoing projects under development ranging from hotels, commercial buildings as well as projects with both the federal and local government, there has been a lot of growth over the past year. In the Fall of 2016, O3 Energy opened its Marianas office in Tamuning, Guam and has plans to nearly double personnel by years end.

The growth of renewable energy on the island has been very active recently with energy costs rising and access to other sources becoming more and more limited. Since August of 2016, Guam Power Authority fuel surcharges have risen from 8.6 cents per kilowatt-hour to over 16 cents per kilowatt-hour and will continue to rise steadily in the coming years. This rise in energy cost has sharply increased the demand for solar both in the residential and commercial markets.

O3 Energy has worked closely with government leaders to address the need for an increased solar energy presence. The company will continue to provide the necessary input to help shape policy for the coming years. "…The progress and development of solar projects in Guam show great potential for strengthening our economy while preserving our environment," said Senator Telena Nelson an oversight chair on Public Housing, Utilities, Public Safety, and Homeland Security. "Companies like O3 Energy are helping lead the way to provide clean, renewable energy solutions that allow organizations to lower their energy costs and become more sustainable. The future expansion of solar energy in Guam holds many benefits for both businesses and residents alike. It is my hope that we continue pursuing renewable energy resources in order to create sustainability and prosperity for the generations to come."

Over the next few months O3 Energy will be finishing up several projects including a pair of resort hotels, the Public Defenders Office, and the Federal District Courthouse of Guam. "We are excited to have multiple projects underway here on the island and look forward to see the continued growth of solar in coming years" said Karl Pangelinan of O3 Energy. "The unique energy challenges that Guam and the Marianas Islands face are not to be ignored, however I am thankful that we can provide a sustainable way forward with alternative solutions through solar power."

About O3 Energy
Since 2011, Dallas-based O3 Energy has provided energy solutions to heavy power users. It specializes in the development, construction, and operations of energy generation systems and facilities. The company provides clients with affordable clean energy through onsite generation. For more information, please visit o3energy.com

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