JLM Energy Uses Measurz to save up to 20% on Energy Costs

JLM Energy spots new horizons as they continue research and development on their successful proprietary software, Measurz; an enterprise tool that models the financial impact of the energy storage ecosystem in a home or building. An internal study revealed that when coupled with an energy monitoring device like Powrz, significant savings in your energy use and bill can be achieved by adjusting simple ways in how a consumer or business uses power.

In one study, JLM Energy used Measurz and Powrz to reduce year-over-year energy savings of their building by 20% just by simply looking at the system loads and its patterns. A swift and simple analysis using Measurz identified strategies for turning off loads when they were unnecessary. JLM Energy's Chief Operating Officer, Bob Montano commented, "What gets measured, gets managed," suggesting that full transparency into your buildings' energy use allows you total choice and control into how much a home or business can save. At the time of the analysis, JLM Energy did not have solar or energy storage installed on their new corporate headquarters in Rocklin.

Prior to putting in a solar plus energy storage system, some JLM Energy customers chose to begin their energy saving process by starting with the Measurz software, utilizing the Powrz Energy Monitoring Device, to analyze their energy loads and determine a course of action to reduce energy costs. As JLM Energy reaches these new horizon's they continue to show a full robustness of savings in energy use and cost when utilizing their energy storage solutions. The offerings become a very powerful tool to manage, measure, and reduce your energy footprint.

Research and studies come at an optimal time as JLM Energy continues its new growth structure, searching for resellers and partners who share the same ambitions. "We have faith in our software and feel like the world should get more transparency into Measurz full potential!" COO Bob Montano enthusiastically states. The company currently offers demonstrations of both Measurz and Powrz, offering your home or office the potential to significantly save on energy costs.

About JLM Energy

JLM Energy is an energy technology company. JLM has created a fully-integrated software platform and energy technology bundle that optimizes energy use and maximizes savings for customers. The bundle includes solar, energy storage, monitoring devices, algorithms and load controllers that are all unified via a single software platform.

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