RenewSys launches PV Module Wellness programme at REI, 2018

- Indias first & only such initiative, the RenewSys ‘Module Wellness Programme tests PV module health - A service provided at Zero Cost to RenewSys Encapsulant and Backsheet customers

RenewSys launches a PV Module Wellness programme at the Renewable Energy Expo, Delhi. This unique and exclusive initiative launched by the RenewSys Bengaluru division, will allow customers to test their PV modules at the RenewSys Reliability Lab at no cost.

RenewSys understands that comprehensive testing of the modules only during their certification is not enough to ensure consistent performance. As the first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components, Encapsulants, Backsheets and PV Cells, RenewSys is uniquely poised to identify issues related to PV module reliability and performance.

The ‘PV Module Wellness team will test and share a report with vital information. This report will prove crucial for module manufacturers to evaluate their manufacturing technical parameters, revisit raw material selection, and correct any process recipes, if required.

This report is especially important in building trust in the module output and life for solar power project developers, EPC players, etc. Thus it will help module manufacturers build confidence in their modules, among all stakeholders…

The RenewSys Bengaluru division manufactures EVA & POE Encapsulants and Backsheets and Bus Bar Insulation Sheets. The Module Manufacturer has to send two PV modules to the RenewSys lab where the tests are conducted in a world class laboratory. These tests are in accordance with IEC, ISO, BIS or other relevant international standards. Currently, the RenewSys Bengaluru laboratory is under process of NABL Accreditation.

To know more, visit RenewSys at REI 2018, Noida Booth No. 9.162.

About Us
RenewSys is the first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components. We are a part of the ENPEE Group, a diversified global conglomerate with a heritage of over 55 years of manufacturing excellence.

Our products include Solar PV Modules DESERVTM (300 MW, 700 MW by Dec 2018); Encapsulants - EVA and POE - CONSERV® (1.2 GW); Backsheets PRESERV® (3 GW), and Solar PV Cells RESERV® (130 MW).

Recent achievements include the launch of Indias most efficient bi-facial solar PV module DESERV Extreme and recognition as a Finalist at the prestigious InterSolar Awards for POE - CONSERV E 360.

We reach out to customers across the globe through a network of international offices and representatives.

Reach us via phone +91 22 30040500 or mail

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