naak and carbonTRACK Integrate with Pika Energy to Bring “Internet of Energy” to US Market

The naak Pika Energy integration forms the foundation for a more sustainable, robust and efficient national energy network

naak inc., an energy cloud network and marketplace, has today announced its first U.S. battery integration with solar equipment manufacturer Pika Energy. naak and Pika customers will be the first to benefit from advanced behind the meter energy control capabilities such as load-shedding, system aggregation and custom time-of-use profiles. naaks cloud network and Pikas Energy Island™ solar-plus-storage system communicate via the carbonTRACK Smart Hub, an intelligent energy management device for residential and commercial customers.

With Pika and carbonTRACK providing the hardware and software, energy assets connected to naaks energy cloud services platform can participate in the new internet of energy where homes and businesses can control how they produce, store, consume and transact their energy. Pika Energy Island owners can now take part in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) programs, where available, and homes and businesses integrated with naaks reliable behind the meter load control functions offer more value to current smart thermostat Demand Response (DR) initiatives.

"naaks integration with the Pika Energy Island is an important step toward connecting and empowering energy consumers, solar service providers and utilities to accelerate the adoption of a decentralized, bidirectional and customer-centric utility grid: an internet of energy" said Adam Boucher, CEO of naak.

Pikas plug-and-play home energy storage platform, the Pika Energy Island, features the powerful Harbor™ smart battery, powered by Panasonic Li-ion technology, and the Pika Islanding Inverter a hybrid inverter that connects solar and storage to homes and the grid. Via naak, any Pika Energy Island system owner can access the advanced energy management capabilities and cloud services offered exclusively through naak in North America.

"In parallel to the clean energy revolution, there is a revolution happening in home automation and control. By partnering with naak, Pika Energy is giving our customers a way to participate in the growth of the internet of energy," said Kristen Helsel, VP of Sales and Marketing at Pika Energy. "Pika Energy Island owners who choose to add naak to their system will be able to get even more insight and control from their system than is offered out of the box."

The naak energy cloud network is powered by carbonTRACK, an award-winning Australian clean tech firm. carbonTRACKs technology is exclusively available in North America through naak.

About Pika Energy

Pika Energy is the maker of the Pika Energy Island™, the most powerful solar-plus-storage system on the market. Pikas Harbor™ smart battery series is powered by Panasonic Li-ion technology and features more power, capacity and capability than any other residential smart battery on the market. Pika Energys products are developed and manufactured in the United States and are sold and installed throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

About naak

naak is an Energy Cloud Network and Marketplace delivering On-Demand Control of the energy in your home or business. naak is powered by carbonTRACKs Smart Hub technology and integrates with IoT Smart Home devices, energy storage and solar, allowing you to monitor, hierarchically control and optimize your energy use from the palm of your hand. Subscribe to naak and access a marketplace of additional services such as API Access, Demand Response and Virtual Power Plants to maximize your ROI and control your energy future. naak is headquartered in Santa Ana, California.

About carbonTRACK

carbonTRACKs patented Internet of Things (IoT) platform connects distributed energy resources to aggregators and provides system owners with the benefit of home automation. carbonTRACKs remote control functions go beyond just monitoring consumption, generation & storage. It supports both grid integration and distributed generation (for self-consumption or export limitation). carbonTRACKs automated optimization, including control of loads and storage, is a key differentiator in the PV market. carbonTRACK is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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