Go Electric Inc. To Develop Mobile Microgrid Platform for United States Africa Command

The company has secured $8 million in military energy contracts to date

ANDERSON, Ind., Feb. 19, 2019 — Go Electric Inc., a provider of energy resiliency and microgrid solutions, today announced it was awarded an $887,525 Small Business Innovation Research Rapid Innovation Fund (SBIR RIF) contract to develop a portable, modular, self-forming microgrid solution for the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM).

The mobile microgrid will provide stable, clean power to forward operating, deployed units while maximizing fuel efficiency and providing enhanced power reliability. The system will integrate host nation power, disparate generators—both fuel driven and renewable, and energy storage to deliver clean, efficient power at all times.

After securing a contract with the Army Corps of Engineers in 2017 to begin this development, the second stage of development will build upon the groundbreaking achievements already delivered and expand the capabilities of the mobile system. The most significant enhancements will be the increased ruggedization of the system to withstand the harsh and demanding environments faced on the front lines and the increased flexibility to incorporate additional energy assets.

AutoLYNC®, Go Electric's microgrid controller at the core of the system, is a proven technology that is deployed at multiple military base microgrids, as well as in commercial and industrial applications.

"We are thrilled to have been awarded this next phase of development," said Lisa Laughner, CEO of Go Electric. "On top of the tremendous fuel savings this system delivers, the ability to have assured clean power no matter the scenario is vitally important to our military's capability."

Go Electric is a trusted partner of the U.S. military, having secured approximately $8,000,000 in contracts to provide energy resiliency, efficiency, and security services using their patented microgrid controls and energy storage technologies.

About United States Africa Command

United States Africa Command is one of six of the U.S. Defense Department's geographic combatant commands and is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for military relations with African nations, the African Union, and African regional security organizations. A full-spectrum combatant command, AFRICOM is responsible for all U.S. Department of Defense operations, exercises, and security cooperation on the African continent, its island nations, and surrounding waters. More information about AFRICOM can be found at www.africom.mil/about-the-command

About Go Electric Inc.

Go Electric Inc. is a provider of customer-side-of-the-meter battery energy storage microgrid solutions that deliver uninterruptible power to facilities and forward operating bases, lower energy costs, integrate renewables and provide grid-stabilizing energy services to utilities. Go Electric is headquartered in Anderson, Indiana at the Flagship Enterprise Center and has offices in Brooklyn and Honolulu. More information about Go Electric can be found at www.goelectricinc.com.


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