Solaria Doubles Global Production Capacity; First High-Performance PowerXT® Panels Delivered from Collaboration with SHINSUNG E&G

Solaria Doubles Global Production Capacity First High-Performance PowerXT® Panels Delivered from Collaboration with SHINSUNG E&G

OAKLAND, CA — Solaria Corporation, a global provider of high-performance solar panel and systems technologies, today announced that Solaria has started shipping PowerXT® panels from SHINSUNG E&G's (011930 KS) production facilities, doubling Solaria's global production capacity. Solaria's PowerXT panels are seeing significant demand from residential installers looking to meet their customer requirements for attractive, high-performance, and cost-effective solar panels.

"We've been seeing so much demand for our PowerXT panels that it has been a challenge to keep up," said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. "We're proud to be working with SHINSUNG E&G to meet this demand. SHINSUNG E&G is an established and highly respected leader in our industry, and has proven it shares Solaria's commitment to manufacturing excellence."

"Shinsung E&G is proud to be producing Solaria PowerXT panels," said Dr. Dong-Seop Kim, President, Renewable Energy Business, SHINSUNG E&G. "The combination of Solaria's patented technology with SHINSUNG E&G's manufacturing expertise yields an unbeatable combination of an elegant streamlined look and industry-leading efficiency."

Solaria's Pure Black™ PowerXT® solar panels, using advanced cell interconnect and module production processes, significantly boosts power generation and provides outstanding performance with unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Founded in 1977, SHINSUNG E&G has been growing as a technical leader for high precision and high value-added technology-focused industries. SHINSUNG E&G has been focused on many aspects of the solar and energy industries from photovoltaic cell production to power plants.

About Solaria
Solaria Corporation is a solar technology company that is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation through optimized solutions for a range of applications. Leveraging its proven core technology, field performance and sophisticated automation, Solaria delivers solutions that address a unique set of requirements for the rooftop and architectural solar markets. Solaria headquarters are in California. For more information, please visit

About SHINSUNG E&G (011930 KS)
SHINSUNG E&G was established in1977 and has been growing as a solar energy company based on its technical know-how in high precision and high value-added industries including refrigeration and air conditioning, semiconductor and FPD area. We provide ‘One Stop Solution' covering installation of high efficiency solar cells, high performance solar modules and power plants. Our product stability and quality have been verified in various conditions by domestic and international certification bodies (Korea Energy Agency, TÜV, UL, CE Marking, etc.) SHINSUNG E&G has been committed to continued research and development to produce high efficiency solar cells and high performance solar modules with maximized effect in smaller spaces while implementing governmental projects to secure new and original technology. For more information, please visit

Contact: Susan DeVico (415) 235-8758

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