EV Charging Cable Safety Advantage With Philatron Wire And Cable

Philatron will be holding a workshop on EV cable safety and management on Monday, Feb 25th at the annual TE-Expo.

The electric vehicle industry is experiencing dynamic growth, and with this rapid expansion safety has to be of paramount concern. There is a need for improvement in EV cable safety and management at many EV charging stations that are safety hazards. Philatron Wire & Cable is pleased to announce that they will be holding a workshop to bring awareness and suggested solutions to resolve these safety hazards on Monday, Feb 25th at the annual TE-Expo.

Please join Phil Ramos Jr., President and CEO of Philatron Wire and Cable, to hear his presentation and learn about cable solutions to make charging stations safer! Phil has dedicated his life to innovation and has more than 45 years of expertise in the electrical wire and cable industry.

This informative session will be conducted:
Monday - February 25, 2019
3:30 - 5:30 pm Tech Session 2
Transportation Electrification Expo
San Diego Convention Center

Philatron Wire and Cable will also be exhibiting at this expo!

Stop by booth #1516 for any additional information.

Philatron is an ISO and IATF Certified Quality Manufacturer.

About Philatron Wire and Cable
A leader in technology, creativity and innovation, Philatron Wire and Cable is a major wire and cable provider in the USA, manufacturing a full range of wire and cable products. As an industry leader in manufacturing, design, development, technology, and marketing, with over 45 years of service Philatron values core competencies offering copper drawing, roping, cabling, extrusion, injection molding, coiling and assembly.

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