Energport Begins Installation of a 72MW/72MWH Battery Energy Storage System

The system will be deployed for a major global independent power producer and will complement existing onsite renewable energy generation.

Today Energport Inc. announced it had commenced installation of a 72MW/72MWH Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for a major global independent power producer (IPP). The system, which will be divided across two sites, will complement existing onsite renewable energy generation and will be used to provide fast responding frequency regulation service in the PJM market. Both sites will be fully commissioned by the end of this year.

"Being selected to provide a system of this scale further demonstrates market acceptance of Energport's ability to deliver innovative, financeable solutions that are delivered on time and with exceptional levels of customer support," said Jack Chen, CEO of Energport. Needing to meet the tight schedule agreed upon with its customer, Energport was able to complete and ship 36 system containers each featuring Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, integrated power conversion system, fire suppression, HVAC, and other Balance of Plant in under four months.

Also highly valued was Energport's willingness to meet strict, ongoing operational requirements for the facility including high system availability and strong PJM Reg D performance scores. Each 2MW/2MWh integrated Energy Storage container was designed with built-in redundancy to operate at full capacity and effectively handle a rigorous 24/7 operation with aggressive multiple daily cycling requirements. Energportʻs Energy Management System was engineered with smart dispatching algorithms that can balance the load and optimize the performance of the energy storage system while simultaneously mitigating the thermal effects caused by such intensive operations. With its growing installed base of projects, Energport is committed to helping drive the adoption of new and innovative energy storage technologies in the renewable energy industry.

About Energport

Energport is a US based supplier of turnkey energy storage and management platforms for the residential, commercial, industrial, and utility markets. Strategically partnered with Guoxuan High-Tech, the world's 6th largest producer of lithium ion battery cells and packs, Energport takes a collaborative approach in working with customers to deliver tailored solutions for managing energy usage and generation. Energport's cost effective solutions are architected with multiple layers of redundancy for maximum uptime and reliability and include smart dispatching algorithms pre-loaded to meet specific applications and use cases. Energport will be exhibiting at booth #7240 at this year's Solar Power International conference which takes place September 23-26, 2019 at the Salt Palace convention center in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, please visit http://www.Energport.com.

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