Optimized for bifacial modules to produce 70% more energy per panel

PASADENA, Calif., May 19, 2020 - Point Load Power (Point Load), the clean energy technology company leading the advancement of rooftop solar tracking for commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings, today announced the launch of its flagship technology, PV Booster™ Gen 2. The next generation rooftop tracking system is designed to maximize solar production from monofacial and premium bifacial solar panels, producing up to 70% more energy per panel compared to ordinary rooftop mounting solutions constrained to fixed-tilt positions.

This breakthrough in solar performance means that building owners, occupants, and project integrators investing in rooftop solar can install 50% less solar panels than required with fixed-tilt and still achieve the same annual savings, increasing return on investment (ROI) by 40% or more.

PV Booster has been thoughtfully engineered to solve the complex challenges of weight and wind that have prevented solar tracker deployments on rooftops, until now. This dynamic rooftop tracking solution meets the strict requirements of UL 3703 and the wind loading requirements of ASCE 7-16, and has been tested and certified by CSA US, a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL), allowing PV Booster to deploy on most flat rooftops across the U.S.

The market is quickly responding. Solar project integrators looking for a competitive advantage in the C&I solar market have already ordered thousands of PV Booster units. One company in California's Apple Valley, Option One Solar, has even completed their first project utilizing this powerful product. "We vetted the PV Booster offering thoroughly, even went so far as to install a showcase system on the roof of our headquarters to validate the performance gains," said Scott Thomas, President of Option One. "Almost immediately we saw that the performance is so significant that this will rapidly accelerate our growth plans in the C&I space." Option One Solar is fully trained to resell, install and service PV Booster in addition to receiving other partner benefits including sales support, supply allocations and volume pricing.

PV Booster Gen2 trackers are now being delivered to customers through Point Load's U.S. based supply chain. This highly-anticipated solution has received accolades year-over-year from industry peers since its invention, garnering Solar Power World's Top Products of 2017 and 2019 as well as its Editor's Top Product Picks 2018, and winning the Cleanie's 2019 Platinum Award for Product of the Year and Startup of the Year at the Solar Power International annual conference in 2019.

About Point Load Power
Point Load Power is a fast-emerging technology company realizing the value of the clean energy economy. The company invents and commercializes energy solutions to accelerate the transformation of commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings into clean power plants. Point Load's flagship technology, PV Booster rooftop tracker, follows the sun to add up to 70% more revenue per solar panel, delivering significant financial benefits for building owners and occupants. Point Load was founded at Idealab, the leading technology incubator. For more information, please visit PointLoadPower.com.

About Option One Solar
Option One Solar develops and installs solar and energy storage systems for home and business owners across Southern California. The company was founded out of a 60-plus year history of extensive electrical experience and prominent leadership positions, including the Electrical Supervisor on the Apollo Space Program, the Chief Electrician and Chief Electrical Inspector for the City of Pasadena, and Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL). Option One is a division of Nationwide Power Group, a multifaceted solar company that also operates the Solar Discount Warehouse, an equipment distributor and value-added reseller of PV trackers and electrical materials delivered to a growing network of solar contractors.

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