Insight Power Partners launches to advance an inclusive clean energy economy

Witnessing how superstorms, mega-fires and a global pandemic are reshaping our world, three former GRID Alternatives executive directors launch new initiative to address systemic issues fueling climate change and build an equitable clean energy future

Washington, DC -- Insight Power Partners, a firm led by Michael Kadish, Renée Sharp and Nicole Steele, launched today to bring their collective experience in clean energy and environmental health to advance equitable energy solutions to avoid and mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. Working with governments, companies, NGO's and philanthropic organizations to design and implement thoughtful programs that advance climate solutions, job creation and healthy communities around the United States and the world.

From raging fires and orange skies in California to increasingly destructive hurricanes hitting coastal communities, climate change is already reshaping our world with disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities. Insight Power Partners formed with the mission to work with key stakeholders to ensure the clean energy transition addresses inequality and creates jobs and economic opportunities for the frontline communities most impacted by climate change.

"The climate crisis is the context in which nearly every issue from inequality to public health will be determined," said Michael Kadish, Insight Power Partners, Founding Partner. "Effective programs and policies that understand this dynamic and support climate mitigation and adaptation in every community will be essential to a successful future. We're ready to contribute our expertise to this cause."

The team has decades of experience and a successful track record in designing equitable energy programs that include:
-Solar and energy efficiency for low-income communities including residential and multi-family affordable housing,
-electric vehicle charging infrastructure and clean transportation solutions,
-energy storage for community resilience,
-workforce development programs that address inequality and create career opportunities.

"Tackling climate change, creating green jobs, and improving environmental health are some of the most pressing issues of our generation," said Founding Partner Renee Sharp. "Insight Power Partners is designed to create and advocate for innovative solutions because climate health and human health can't be separated."

"The clean energy revolution is already underway and accelerating every day but unfortunately there's no one-size-fits-all approach that serves everyone," offered Nicole Steele, Insight Power Partners, Founding Partner. "The pandemic induced recession has wreaked havoc on our society at large, but it also presents us with a unique opportunity to shift from a world run on fossil fuels to a clean energy economy for everyone. We look forward to working with those ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work needed to build a healthy future."

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About Insight Power Partners

Insight Power Partners was formed with the mission to advance thoughtful climate solutions, job creation and healthy communities around the United States and the world. Led by seasoned clean energy professionals with decades of expertise in policy, program and partnership development, specializing in the development and execution of successful programs that serve marginalized communities and create pathways to worthwhile careers in clean energy. Working with governments, companies, NGO's and philanthropic organizations to further clean energy access and savings and empower frontline communities to fight for their public health.
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