EV Battery Tech commences pre-orders on the Home ESS SmartWall

Two weeks after the Company announced the specifications of the IoniX Pro Home Smart Wall, the company has now began pre-orders for one of the most powerful and cost effective Home Smart Wall available today.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. ("EV Battery Tech" or "the Company") (CSE: ACDC) is pleased to announce the official launch of its Ionix Pro Home ESS SmartWallTM ("Home SmartWallTM"). Through the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary Ionix Pro Battery Technologies Inc. ("IoniX"), customers are now able to visit the website (http://www.ionixpro.com) and view all the various specifications and product details and place a pre-order for the product.

The Company revealed the [specifications of the IoniX Pro Home Smart Wall earlier this year and has now began pre-orders for what it hopes to be one of the most powerful and cost effective Home Energy Storage Systems ("ESS") available today.

"After weeks of anticipation from our various stakeholders, we are very excited to begin offering pre-orders on the Home Smart Wall," said EV Battery Tech CEO Bryson Goodwin. "We are confident that our unit will be the highest performing, longest lasting and most affordable on the market for years to come."

Aside from beating Tesla in every major category, The Ionix Pro Home Smart Wall will offer a state-of-the-art iOS and Android application to remotely control and monitor your home, but it will offer first-of-a-kind remote battery monitoring, maintenance, and repair.

"The technology we have developed with regards to remote battery repair, maintenance and battery monitoring is something the market has never seen," said CEO Goodwin. "Until today, when you had a technical issue with your battery, not only would your unit not perform correctly but you would also need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your unit back to working order. Our technology has eliminated the need for all of that so not only will our customers save time and money, they will also avoid potential days or weeks of downtime."

"Today, with our release, we have essentially moved the battery market from the dial-up days to the high-speed days," continued Goodwin.

The company also released its new corporate website at http://www.evbattery.tech and it's Ionix Pro consumer website http://www.ionixpro.com today. Ionix Pro has gone over a complete rebrand with a new logo and branding as well.

Pre-orders for the unit are available starting today at http://www.ionixpro.com.

"We anticipate and are fully prepared for a large number of pre-orders," said Goodwin. "We hope to have the first batch of pre-orders in consumers' homes by Q3 2021 followed by many more industry leading battery products."

About EV Battery Tech

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. is a blockchain and battery technology company with revolutionary, patented Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Solution (ESS) markets. The company has committed to assisting global recycling solutions by offering recycling initiatives using their technology to analyze and fully refurbish used batteries.

Further information about the Company is available on its website (https://www.evbattery.tech).

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