3megawatt welcomes Energy Support Services to its asset management service partner network

3megawatt is pleased to welcome Energy Support Services (ESS) to its partnership network of asset management service providers for the renewable energy industry. ESS is an O&M and Asset Management company dedicated to safely protecting and preserving solar investments.

3megawatt, the leading provider of asset management software for the renewable energy industry, is pleased to welcome Energy Support Services (ESS) to its partnership network of asset management service providers.

3megawatt asset management service partners help project owners of all sizes, across all renewable energy resources, and in multiple geographies. Each partner brings its own unique blend of expertise and skills to deliver asset management services using the 3megawatt BluePoint asset management software to meet the high standards of investors worldwide.

"As the growth in the C&I solar energy industry continues to expand as new investors search for solid returns in this profitable marketplace, the need for high-quality and efficient asset management tools has become an increasing necessity. Energy Support Services is excited to work together with 3megawatt and provide the innovative asset management services that will ensure each renewable project operates at its most efficient capacity", says Energy Support Services President Dean Anderson.

Edmee Kelsey, CEO of 3megawatt, added, "we are proud to extend our partner network in the United States with a professional asset management service partner specialized in O&M and asset management of commercial and industrial and community solar assets."

About Energy Support Services

Energy Support Services is a distributed generation commercial and industrial solar firm that operates, maintains, and provides asset management for projects ranging in size from 50 kW - 10 MW. These assets are a blend of system design (ground mount, rooftop, carports, etc.) and geographic diversity. As a fully owned subsidiary of New Energy Equity (an end-to-end solar project development and management group), ESS oversees both self-developed and third-party opportunities throughout the country. Founded in 2014, the ESS Team includes both back-office staff & operators as well as boots-on-the-ground technicians.

About 3megawatt

3megawatt's mission is to help clients improve the management of their renewable energy assets through digital transformation and thought leadership. The BluePoint software platform simplifies, streamlines, and automates business processes in renewable energy, such as contract and compliance management, asset register management, event and task management, aggregation of data feeds, financial management, project development, energy invoicing, and investor reporting.

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