Hydrogen: on the road to net zero

Hydrogen-ready CHP is not tomorrow's technology! It's here today - ready to help the UK deliver on its net zero ambitions and lead the global clean energy revolution.

Industry leaders and policymakers gathered at Centrica Business Solutions' UK headquarters to see hydrogen-ready combined heat and power (CHP) in action. The CHP units are manufactured in partnership with 2G Energy - to provide an integrated technology solution that also can run on natural gas, biogas or LPG.

Aaron Parker, Head of CHP Sales at Centrica Business Solutions, said: "Our partnership with 2G makes up to 100% hydrogen-ready CHP units available now. It is one of a combination of cost-effective technology solutions we're providing to support our customers' net zero delivery.

"By using CHP to cogenerate heat and power at high efficiency on-site, organisations are reducing energy costs by as much as 40% and seeing a return on investment of less than 12 months in some cases."

Mark Holtmann, Managing Director of 2G said "We're committed to promoting hydrogen to achieve a net zero world and we want to demonstrate how CHPs can be integrated into a wide variety of industries and applications such as hospitals, schools, hotels and leisure facilities to provide energy reliability and resilience."

Centrica's latest net zero global research shows that 73% of UK energy decision makers are interested in trialling or installing hydrogen-ready CHP as part of their net zero pathway.

With its high efficiency and cost saving potential, hydrogen-ready CHP balances financial and sustainability goals to provide a future-proofed energy solution.

Why choose hydrogen-ready CHP from Centrica Business Solutions?

• Flex your hydrogen ready CHP unit around your needs, with up to 100% hydrogen blend options available
• Transition when you're ready, with fuel switching services available through our expert O&M team
• Lean on our expertise as partners in a range of hydrogen projects
• Invest in hydrogen renewable energy with no upfront capital by choosing our flexible financing options
• Integrate hydrogen cogeneration into your net zero journey with our 7-step pathway

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